Rescue on El Capitan

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Picture being high on the face of one of the world’s largest granite cliffs.  If something went wrong what would happen?  On Wednesday, May 30, a 22 year old climber was leading the Pancake Flake pitch on the Nose of El Capitan.  The climber was two-thirds of the way up the route, above the Great Roof, when he took a 30 foot lead fall.

el cap rescue 3

His large fall resulted in a broen leg and possibly a broken pelvis. The National Park Service employees a number of rescue personell with strong climbing backgrounds to take care of such situations.  The Yosemite Search and Rescue Team (YOSAR) assessed the situation. 

El Cap rescue 2

Initially, the team flew a helicopter to the top to ascertain the climber’s injury.  When it was determined that a dangerous lift from the cliff was not needed, Ranger Chris Bellino lowered 1200 feet down to the injured climber, moved him into a litter and than proceeded to make the long lower to the ground. 

Tom Evans, the El Capitan watch dog, snapped great pictures of the team at work. 

Rescue 1

His website, The El Cap Report, is a great resource to find out about the latest news on El Capitan and in the world of Yosemite climbing.