ROCKING OUT – Climbing to new heights at Dogpatch Boulders

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For us, “bouldering” (a.k.a. rock climbing without a rope) usually conjures up images of dull slabs of granite, thoughts of granola bars…and visions of plummeting to our death. That all changed when we stepped foot inside Dogpatch Boulders.

For starters, the new climbing facility is awash in a veritable rainbow: The undulating walls are color-blocked in bold hues, and the “handles” (those things you grab on to) are neon shades. Even the shoes available for rent ($4) are bright orange and blue.

But this place isn’t just pretty to look at: Opened by Touchstone Climbing, the company behind Mission Cliffs, it is the largest bouldering facility in the country, with 14,000 square feet of walls to scale. It also has the thickest foam crash padding lining its floors, at 14 inches (which put our minds at ease).

Within seconds of ascending one of the beginner-level “pathways,” our adrenaline was pumping and our muscles were working hard. We were surprised by how high we felt comfortable climbing–all while being spotted by a friendly employee, of course.

Bouldering in San Francisco
Learning to climb at Dogpatch Boulders

Dogpatch Boulders officially opens to the public in early March, so grab a friend, get a day pass ($20) and climb to your heart’s content.

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