Rope Climbing FAQ at Cliffs of Id

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The wait is almost over – and we’re SO excited to be days away from introducing amazing rope climbing to Los Angeles! If you’re a route climber in the area and can’t wait to rope up, here are some things to know.

Tell us about belay devices!

Dealer’s choice! You can use ATC’s, Gri-Gri’s, cinches… pretty much any modern belay device is ok with us as long as you know how to use it properly. If you opt to use something totally retro like a figure 8 or ye ol’ hip belay, you’ll be kindly asked to rent an ATC.

Do you have auto belays?

Nope! While it’s always awesome to get a free ride, we really really really believe in building a community here at Cliffs of Id, so we want you to meet new belay partners irl. We will have partner finder nights. We will have a belay partner board. We will make belay partner calls over the PA system. We WILL find you a climbing partner!

Can I rent gear at Cliffs of Id?

Shoes, as you know, are $4 to rent, and a harness will be $2, but if you rent them both together they’re $5. We also rent kids’ harnesses and maternity harnesses. We rent ATC’s for free! All we need from you is an ID or keys to hold as collateral until you return the device.

13882317_715587121913163_1641577421984048265_nHow do I pass a belay test?

If you’re an experienced climber who belays like they were born wearing a harness, and you can remember ALL your safety checks, then you’re well on your way to getting a permanent belay card! If you receive one, you won’t need to re-test on your next visit. We reserve the right to take it away from you and ask you to re-test if we see you belaying unsafely, so be sure to exhibit safe practices every time you come in!

If you can’t remember all your checks or need to brush up on your belay technique during the test, you may get a temporary day-use belay card. You’ll need to re-test on EVERY VISIT until that magical day where everything clicks and you receive a permanent card.

Sign up for a belay test.

I’ve never rope climbed before! But I want to… what do I do?!

Welcome to the club young boulder-er! Once we’re fully operational, we’ll start offering Intro to Climbing Classes, where you’ll learn how to use the gear, belay for your partner, lower them back to earth. This class is free to Touchstone Climbing members and $30 for non-members. Once you complete the class and are approved by the staff, you’ll get a temporary belay card so that you can continue to climb for the rest of the day. You’ll retest for a new belay card on your next visit.

How do I pass a lead test?

If you’ve already been issued a blue permanent belay card, you’re able to request a lead test. If we’re not able to test you on the spot, soon you will be able to schedule a testing time online. You do not need a lead-certified belayer to test with. In other words, if you and your friend both have blue cards, you can test together! No need to bribe a purple-lead-card-holder. As is true for the blue permanent top-rope cards, the staff has the authority to take your lead card away at any time if you or your lead climbing partner are belaying in an unsafe manner.

If you’re attempting OR have already passed a lead test, you MUST SIGN IN TO THE LEAD LOG EVERY TIME YOU LEAD CLIMB.

The Lead Log is a binder that lives at the front desk. It includes a copy of our lead climbing rules, lest you forget, and by signing in every time you lead climb, you get a friendly reminder to adhere to these rules.

Will you rent out lead ropes?

Nope, you have to bring your own rope to lead.

How long of a rope will we need?

You’ll need at least a 30-meter rope to lead in our gym. Gym ropes will be available to buy in our pro shop in the near future.

1f7c543e-3356-4f68-844e-28d2fdbfbf02When will you be open?

Soon. Check our Sneak Peak Schedule HERE.

I’ve been waiting to join the gym until your roped area is open, are you running any promotions?

Yes! You harness-toating, draw-clipping, boulder-dispising climber you! We’re offering a Zero Initiation Fee special NOW until August 26th. DO NOT WAIT.