T.K. Youth Foundation visits Berkeley Ironworks

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On Aug. 12, 2004, two days before Terrance Kelly was set to leave on a full fide football scholarship at Oregon State, he was murdered in Richmond, California by a 15 year old with an apparent grudge.

His Father, Landrin Kelly had been determined to protect Terrance from the city’s rough streets and to be the strong, loving father figure that he himself never had. He had worked two jobs to put his son through private school, and Terrance’s death was a crushing blow.

However, “Landrin decided not to turn away from the violent world that had claimed his child. He decided to create a foundation honoring Terrance, the Terrance “T.K.” Kelly Youth Foundation. Its purpose would be to teach Richmond’s at-risk kids the importance of staying out of trouble,”  reported the Richmond Confidential.

Kids at Berkeley Ironworks

We have been proud to support the TK Youth Foundation at Berkeley Ironworks for many years. In March, the group visited the gym for an afternoon of climbing, bonding, and fun! Our belay staff works with the young men to help them climb as high as they thought they could, and then encouraged them to climb even higher.

“The visit here was a very fun, competitive and educational experience,” said Carlos Q.  “I competed with my body to reach the top and the [staff] told me to keep pushing when I felt like stopping. The gym is a very supportive, positive place to be and its very comfortable to be around those doing the same as me.”

“I had a great time  and pushed myself over my limits. I learned that I need to take that extra step in life in order to be successful. The lesson I learned today is a lesson I will spread out to my community and I will use it to help me succeed in life.”

TK Foundation Outreach

“My experience at Berkeley Ironworks was pretty amazing. It was captivating to go on the ropes. It was also fun hang out with some of my close friends and having bonding time. I would like to thank the staff that have taken their time to help us on the rock climbing. I look forward to coming here again.” – Alexander T

We had a wonderful time hosting these young men and we’re so happy to be able to welcome them into our community!