TCS2015 at Great Western Power Co

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Rock Climbing at GWPC - Oakland's best rock climbing gym

Last Friday the 2015 Touchstone Climbing Series at Great Western Power Company brought over 375 climbers and spectators to the gym, making it the largest turn out for a competition in Oakland to date! “Another year another record!” said GWPC manager Jeremy Yee. “We had a terrific turn out, and even though it as an ’embrace the chaos’ kind of night, getting everyone together for pizza, beer, and of course an entire gym full of brand new routes is never a bad thing!” Huge thanks to our friends at Strike Brewing for pouring their delicious elixir!

Climbing Competition at GWPC in Oakland

“Now that we’re almost halfway done with the 2015 Touchstone Climbing Series, registration is becoming easier and easier,” said Touchstone staffer Lauryn Claassen. “We always try to encourage climbers to come with a printed paper waiver and their comp code, and more people are coming prepared, which really speeds up registration.”

Hundreds of climbers came out to enjoy the compOnce members and guest check in with their competition code and receive a score card, they’re ready to start climbing! Each climber registers in beginner, intermediate, or advanced categories, but everyone receives the same score card. The idea is to focus more on climbing your hardest, rather than limiting yourself to your category.

When climbers have crushed to their heart’s content, they turn in their score cards. The staff then adds up the top 5 scores to determine final rankings. At this point in the evening, many climbers stick around to enjoy the ambiance and wait until the raffle at 10pm.

“We got some really great feedback from dozens of thankful members for the quality of routes,” said Yee. ‘The route setting crew did a fantastic job of putting up fun and challenging routes and in supervising route maintenance all night long.”

Congratulations to everyone who came out to climb their best at our Touchstone Climbing Series climbing competition! Check your scores here! Be sure to mark your calendars for the Rope Finale at Mission Cliffs on Saturday, June 27th in San Francisco.

Men’s Advanced

  1. Eric Sanchez
  2. Nick Bradley
  3. Ben Eastman

Women’s Advanced

  1. Elise Buser
  2. Susan Christensen
  3. Kara Herson

Men’s Intermediate

  1. Obie Kahne
  2. Connor Kirk
  3. Eric Reed

Women’s Intermediate

  1. Bridget Curley
  2. Kaily Heitz
  3. Summer Albani

Men’s Beginner

  1. Leo Burk
  2. Chris Luecke
  3. Andreas Neyer

Women’s Beginner

  1. Idalia Perez
  2. Alexis Buchwald
  3. Tatiana Cottom