• Serenity

    Yoga Instructor

    Serenity first became a student of yoga in 2008. Her first class was at a climbing gym in Santa Cruz, and it completely transformed her life. Since then she began to explore many different traditions and expressions of yoga. She completed her 200 hour teaching training with Clayton Horton founder of Greenpath Ashtanga yoga teacher training at the Yoga Society of San Francisco in August 2011. She is inspired by her Ashtanga yoga training of P. Jois, as well Tri Yoga, a system of yoga founded by yogini Kali Ray that emphasizes posture, breath and focus. After her training, she began to express Bhakti yoga classes, (devotional) singing while playing her harmonium. Serenity is first and foremost a student of yoga. She draws upon her inner resources to provide a foundation of strength and courage in her classes. The clarity and compassion that she shares can be felt by many of her students. She emphasizes the breath as a tool for greater awareness and understanding of one’s own true nature. As she became more focused on her training, she found that a strong asana practice was the glue that held everything together, a true catalyst for transformation.