• Barani

    Yoga Instructor

    Barani is an experienced fitness professional whose diversified background includes numerous certifications across a variety of formats. She is an amazing athlete, a strong runner, and a compassionate yogini. Barani first experienced the benefits of yoga in 2002 while cross-training for a marathon. She became enamored with the positive effects of vinyasa, and later incorporated yoga into her fitness classes to help members prevent injury and improve performance. Barani passionately shares a fusion of different yoga styles and experiments with fun, creative flows. Her classes offer many modifications and alternative stretches for all levels in relaxed ambiance. Join Barani’s yoga to enhance your practice, balance other activities, and witness the positive changes for yourself.

  • Serenity

    Yoga Instructor

    Serenity first became a student of yoga in 2008. Her first class was at a climbing gym in Santa Cruz, and it completely transformed her life. Since then she began to explore many different traditions and expressions of yoga. She completed her 200 hour teaching training with Clayton Horton founder of Greenpath Ashtanga yoga teacher training at the Yoga Society of San Francisco in August 2011. She is inspired by her Ashtanga yoga training of P. Jois, as well Tri Yoga, a system of yoga founded by yogini Kali Ray that emphasizes posture, breath and focus. After her training, she began to express Bhakti yoga classes, (devotional) singing while playing her harmonium. Serenity is first and foremost a student of yoga. She draws upon her inner resources to provide a foundation of strength and courage in her classes. The clarity and compassion that she shares can be felt by many of her students. She emphasizes the breath as a tool for greater awareness and understanding of one’s own true nature. As she became more focused on her training, she found that a strong asana practice was the glue that held everything together, a true catalyst for transformation.

  • Eugene

    Personal Trainer / TRX Instructor

    Eugene, a San Jose native, is a Certified Personal Trainer and TRX suspension trainer instructor. His approach to training is to be engaged, to be challenged, and to have fun, because one of the most important things in starting and maintaining a habit is to enjoy what you do. He hopes to share this passion with others because he thrives in the presence of motivated people and watching them succeed. When he isn’t at the gym training, you can find him hiking the trails in Rancho San Antonio Preserve, on top of a yoga mat, catching up with friends, or occasionally jumping off of planes.


  • Linda

    Yoga Instructor

    Currently teaching Vinyasa Flow, and Yin Yoga and Pilates. Linda enjoys sequencing to creatively make each class challenging, and fun. The core strengtheners often integrated in her Flow class to build abdominal strength and contribute to back health. In Yin, developing the ability to hold poses for long periods of time ­ taking the body to a place of stillness and the mind to a place of quiet and mindfulness. As the yoga practice continues to evolve and change for each of us, Linda continues to enjoy the possibilities for Spiritual growth and happiness within all that Yoga offers for body and mind. Outside of her daily yoga classes she loves to spend time with her husband and 3 teen and college children. She also enjoys hiking in hills of the beautiful area around us.

  • Monica

    Fitness Instructor
    Coming from a background of dedicated tennis players, an interest in being active has always been important to Monica. Curiosity led her to discover yoga by accident in her undergraduate years at UC Irvine. It was love at first crow pose! You can normally find her playing with some type of arm balance or upside down in an inversion. Off her mat, she enjoys finding hiking trails along the coast, happy hour at the barre, and making healthy concoctions in her kitchen. Her vinyasa and yoga sculpt classes are designed to be challenging yet fun with many layers accessible for everyone, from beginner to advanced. Set to a groovy playlist and incorporating free weights into a vinyasa flow, the class focuses on sculpting your body through high rep movements, isometric holds, and HIIT cardio intervals.  No matter your strength or flexibility level, be prepared to have a rad workout!
  • Natalia

    TRX Instructor
    Natalia has been in the fitness industry for almost 10 years working as a personal trainer, TRX, CrossFit and Bootcamp instructor. Her biggest passion in life is helping others achieve their goals. After several years of exploring other fitness modalities, she began her journey into mobility and flexibility. Natalia completed her 200RYT in Rishikesh, India where her certification in Hatha yoga focused on traditional philosophies, structural alignment, pranayama, and spiritual development. Her personal practice today focuses on bringing strength and flexibility to the body by moving into weak spaces safely with the breath. Natalia also has a mobility certification—The Corset, by Ido Portal. She blends all these modalities into her lifestyle and classes. If you’re interested in bringing strength to your weaknesses, check out her class and explore your limitations safely with proper form!
  • Zack

    Acro Yoga Instructor

    Zack has been involved in the studio acro class for years. He started as a student and worked into an assistant role with Britta before taking over the class as a teacher in December 2018. He has been practicing acro yoga for over two years and brings 20 years of his cheerleading experience with him. His favorite part of acro yoga is the connection between members of the class.

  • Carolina


    Coralina is from Venezuela and she is an aerialist, which means that she loves to spend part of her time upside down! Carolina first started doing silk work five years ago when she and her best friend invested in their first silk together. From there they learned everything they could through the school of life, or more commonly, YouTube! After mastering the silk, Carolina started to teach and joined us at The Studio after her move to San Jose.