• Diane


    Diane got her start with Touchstone at Pipeworks in Sacramento in June of 2005. She was hired to facilitate their awesome summer camp program and smoothly transitioned into working behind the front desk. She came to Sacramento from Chico, where she attended Chico State and graduated with a Bachelors in Political Science. Diane made the move to San Jose after receiving the management position and is loving the South Bay! She enjoys climbing, backpacking, bowling and pretending that she can mountain bike.

  • Pete

    Desk Staff

    When Pete isn’t working at The Studio, he uses his free time to climb and hang out at The Studio. Pete has an insane collection of Vans, seriously, look down – you’ll never see the same color or pattern twice in a row. On the off chance he ISN’T at The Studio, he hangs out at his South San Jose home doing freelance graphic & Web design, drawing and/or printmaking. Pete is also a Greater Boston native so on occasion he forgets to pronounce those pesky ‘aahhs’.

  • Geoffrey

    Desk Staff

    Geoffrey is the newest member to The Studio’s wonderful desk staff. He first learned about rock climbing about 6 years ago and has been in love with it ever since. He used to partake in a variety of sports; baseball, basketball, soccer, and badminton. He is currently a student at San Jose State University pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering. When he is not working you can usually find him either on SJSU campus or at The Studio up in the bouldering area. When you can’t find him, he’s probably at home playing video games or some other sort of leisure activity with an 80% chance of it involving beer. He loves beer. A lot. As long as it’s not light beer, then he hates it.

  • Jenny

    Desk Staff

    Jenny wasn’t born in San Jose but has lived here her whole life. If you’re stuck on a bouldering problem, she’s not the one to ask; but if you need a suggestion for good Vietnamese food in San Jose, come find her at the front desk. Her goal in life is to learn how to cook and bake, but for now, she can live off Vietnamese sandwiches and milk tea. She got into climbing after 2.5 years of sitting at a desk job and countless hours in traffic. She knew she needed a healthier lifestyle that starts with exercise. When she’s not working at the front desk, she’s probably climbing on the ropes in the back.

  • Andrew

    Desk Staff

    Andrew is our quietest staff member, but don’t worry—he doesn’t bite. He is a student at San Jose State and spends a fair amount of time there either studying or hanging out with pals. Andrew likes to spend his time outdoors, whether it be climbing, biking, hiking, camping, or just being around people. As an Eagle Scout he has spent a lot of time backpacking and learned a few cool things along the way. He has only been climbing for 3 years, but has been in a committed relationship with pizza for even longer.

  • Chris

    Desk Staff
    Chris got his start in climbing the summer of 2016 when he first walked into The Studio. With no prior climbing knowledge, he quickly became addicted to the sport and has tried to spend every day since building on his new passion. In his free time, Chris is easily recognizable climbing in the gym or just hanging out waiting for the next great adventure. When not found in the gym he is typically shredding the trails with his Church of Dirt buddies, so if ever you’re looking to ride the trails or need beta on a climb come check him out at The Studios front desk!
  • Gavin Hettick

    Desk Staff

    Gavin has climbing on the mind 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! His climbing career began only three years ago at The Studio when a good friend brought him along. A few years and many fantastic mentors later, climbing has completely taken over his life. Not a day goes by that he isn’t dreaming about seas of granite or perfect splitter cracks. If he isn’t out climbing, then you can bet that he’s plotting his next trip with a guide book (or five) in hand.

  • Laura Doughty

    Laura is a pretty big fitness nut.  Climbing has always been one of her favorite fitness activities along with running and yoga.  After graduating from Humboldt State University with a degree in Kinesiology, she fell in love with not only fitness but the science behind it.  When Laura isn’t working or exercising, you can find her at home planning her next weekend adventure.  Ideally, these adventures take place out of the city and away from people.  She is also a big foodie and loves trying new restaurants and recipes so she can post some #Instagramworthy pictures.