• Pete


    After four years of dedicated desk service, Pete became The Studio’s manager in 2018. When Pete isn’t working at The Studio, he uses his free time to climb and hang out at The Studio. Pete has an insane collection of Vans, seriously, look down – you’ll never see the same color or pattern twice in a row. On the off chance he ISN’T at The Studio, he hangs out at his South San Jose home doing freelance graphic & Web design, drawing and/or printmaking. Pete is also a Greater Boston native so on occasion he forgets to pronounce those pesky ‘aahhs’.

  • Andrew

    Desk Staff

    Andrew is our quietest staff member, but don’t worry—he doesn’t bite. He is a student at San Jose State and spends a fair amount of time there either studying or hanging out with pals. Andrew likes to spend his time outdoors, whether it be climbing, biking, hiking, camping, or just being around people. As an Eagle Scout he has spent a lot of time backpacking and learned a few cool things along the way. He has only been climbing for 3 years, but has been in a committed relationship with pizza for even longer.

  • Chris

    Desk Staff
    Chris got his start in climbing the summer of 2016 when he first walked into The Studio. With no prior climbing knowledge, he quickly became addicted to the sport and has tried to spend every day since building on his new passion. In his free time, Chris is easily recognizable climbing in the gym or just hanging out waiting for the next great adventure. When not found in the gym he is typically shredding the trails with his Church of Dirt buddies, so if ever you’re looking to ride the trails or need beta on a climb come check him out at The Studios front desk!
  • Zac

    Desk Staff
    Zac got his start in climbing at The Studio just over a year ago. He loves all climbing but would really like to make moves towards learning the ways of the Tradical Arts, so that he can fulfill his biggest climbing goal of scaling El Capitan in Yosemite. He is currently finishing his Public Relations degree at San Jose State University. Zac is splits his time between crushing it at the front desk of The Studio and mixing business with pleasure as an intern at the Sonoma Raceway—he is quite the race enthusiast and enjoys spending free time at the track. Beyond that, you can catch him flying planes as a certified pilot, chilling out a music festivals, or trail running. Feel free to say hi if you see him working out or climbing around the gym!
  • Kris

    Desk Staff

    Kris has been climbing for a year and a half and loves the physical challenges and mental problems that inherently come with it; he loves overhanging boulder problems the most. When he’s not working at The Studio he’s usually climbing, hanging out with his girlfriend and their two cats, or at some sort of electronic music festival/show. He’s been vegan for over a year because he believes it’s incredibly beneficial for animals and the environment. He also loves buying/wearing sneakers, is always on the hunt for nice-fitting jeans, and currently has the itch for some new tattoos.

  • Jason

    Desk Staff

    Seven years ago Jason found climbing by way of backpacking and mountaineering…now it’s pretty much all he does and he’s never looked back! Jason has been working at The Studio since 2017 and really enjoys teaching, sharing beta, and helping new climbers learn to love climbing and crush at it! Don’t hesitate to say hi if you see him in at the front desk or in the climbing area.

  • Kessler

    Studio Routesetting Foreman

    It’s Kessler. One name only. Ya know, like Cher…or Moses.

    Kessler started climbing 5 years ago during a summer working in the Black Hills, and has been hooked ever since. After that summer, he returned home to Iowa and continued climbing at Iowa State University, where he also started routesetting. 23 is a late start to climbing for many, but he hasn’t let that stop him from falling completely in love with it, and doing everything he can to learn and grow in it. Towards the end of college, where he achieved a Forestry Degree, he also started routesetting at Climb Iowa, the only gym in the entire state.

    When he’s not working at the gym, Kessler is usually nerding out on World Cup climbing footage or reading about something climbing related. Having come from Iowa, he learned to fall in love with indoor climbing, so he hasn’t had a lot of outdoor experiences…yet! Now that he lives only hours away from a few of the most famous climbing destinations in the world, he’s psyched to get out every weekend and learn more about this thing that has taken over his life!

    “The beautiful thing about climbing is you can’t justify it. It doesn’t pretend to be anything useful.” – Royal Robbins

  • Claire


    Claire started climbing at six years old when she was forced—or strongly encouraged—by her dad. As a child, it was more exciting to explore the outdoors and climb trees than it was to scramble up rocks. But in her early teens, Claire finally came around to the sport and became her dad’s favorite climbing partner. For her 16th birthday, he took her to get a worker’s permit so she could start working at The Studio ASAP! Claire spent four years working at Mission Cliffs while attending University of San Francisco, but now she’s back in San Jose and setting for her home gym. When she’s not climbing or napping on crash pads, she’s spending time with her nephews and niece, playing ukulele, talking about the ethics of Star Trek, or going to karaoke bars with her best friends. Do not ask her to sing for you unless you’re ready for a full on performance.