• Pete (he/him)


    After four years of dedicated desk service, Pete became The Studio’s manager in 2018. When Pete isn’t working at The Studio, he uses his free time to climb and hang out at The Studio. Pete has an insane collection of Vans, seriously, look down – you’ll never see the same color or pattern twice in a row. On the off chance he ISN’T at The Studio, he hangs out at his South San Jose home doing freelance graphic & Web design, drawing and/or printmaking. Pete is also a Greater Boston native so on occasion he forgets to pronounce those pesky ‘aahhs’.

  • Chris (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Chris got his start in climbing the summer of 2016 when he first walked into The Studio. With no prior climbing knowledge, he quickly became addicted to the sport and has tried to spend every day since building on his new passion. In his free time, Chris is easily recognizable climbing in the gym or just hanging out waiting for the next great adventure. When not found in the gym he is typically shredding the trails with his Church of Dirt buddies, so if ever you’re looking to ride the trails or need beta on a climb come check him out at The Studios front desk!
  • Gina (she/her)

    Desk Staff

    Gina first found climbing in high school and has been climbing ever since. She loves how present climbing makes her feel. When she’s not climbing she enjoys being outdoors whether it’s hiking, camping, kayaking, or traveling. She has a BS in Nutrition and Food and wants to help others live an overall healthier life.

  • Jason (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Seven years ago Jason found climbing by way of backpacking and mountaineering…now it’s pretty much all he does and he’s never looked back! Jason has been working at The Studio since 2017 and really enjoys teaching, sharing beta, and helping new climbers learn to love climbing and crush at it! Don’t hesitate to say hi if you see him in at the front desk or in the climbing area.

  • Nathan (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Nathan is a newer Desk Staff hire, but was initially Belay Staff in case he looks familiar. He’s now parked behind the front desk greeting guests and members, picking tunes for the gym, and maintaining the staff high score for the “Countries of the World” quiz. With a background in kinesiology from SJSU, he can explain anatomically and physiologically (in superfluous detail) why he can’t send his latest project.

    Aside from climbing, Nathan has: a knack for quoting stand up comedy bits in everyday conversation with coworkers, an on-again-off-again relationship with distance running, a streak of buying every new Pokémon game, and a song for every situation (yes, even THAT one). Say hi if you see him behind the desk; introduce yourself and wait to see how long it takes for him to remember your name.

  • Nina (she/her)

    Desk Staff

    Nina first discovered climbing by Instagram-stalking her crush — “Hey that looks cool,” she thought, scrolling past his pictures of bright colored holds. With her basketball days behind her, she decided it was time to move on from the court to the big walls (also, maaaaaybe get her crush’s attention).

    Little did she know that climbing would become a big part of her life some six years later. When Nina isn’t manning the Studio front desk or sharing smol beta with her fellow shorties, she’s likely at some other Touchstone gym testing the limits of her ape index. Outside of climbing, Nina is studying to be a nurse and moonlights as a wannabe DJ in her bedroom. Oh, and that guy she had a crush on? He’s now her designated forever belayer.

  • Erik (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Born and raised in San Jose, you learn to overcome anything. Fire, earthquakes and more importantly rock walls. Originally a swimmer and water polo player. Discovered the love of climbing and my hands haven’t been so calloused since!

  • Khoa (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Khoa (think Koala without the la) came from Vietnam with the dream of climbing the ladder to achieve what he wanted in life. Little did he know that he’ll be climbing rocks instead with an occasional slap here and there, but through perseverance and yelling he met some of the goals on his journey in fulfilling that dream. He has a BS in Business Marketing so watch out for the invoice limit with the kombucha he’s about to sell to you. Feel free to say hi and converse with him about Apple products and climbing, just remember to yell out sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh and he’ll be there within 2 seconds to help you out.

  • MacKenzie (she/her)

    Desk Staff

    MacKenzie, also known as Kenz, has been climbing since 2011 and has basically never stopped. She started as a wee lad on the competetive climbing team, Team Mojo, back in New Mexico, where she grew up. She moved to Cali and discovered Sacramento Pipeworks, where she climbed, made friends, ate, slept, did homework, okok where she basically lived (she also worked there, did I mention that?). She met the inspiring Yosemite dirtbags and she ran the comps she used to climb at and she got to coach children and show them the sport she loves so much.

    She now goes to SJSU and is studying Animation and Illustration, with the hopes of becoming a concept designer for animated films as well as writing and directing her own films one day. So, naturally, The Studio is the best place to be for Kenz to pursue all her dreams! When not arting and climbing, Kenz likes to eat tacos and mangoes, hang with her brothers, and especially loves to give back to the climbing community, a community that continues to give her so much.