• Pete (he/him)

    After four years of dedicated desk service, Pete became The Studio’s manager in 2018. When Pete isn’t working at The Studio, he uses his free time to climb and hang out at The Studio. Pete... has an insane collection of Vans, seriously, look down – you’ll never see the same color or pattern twice in a row. On the off chance he ISN’T at The Studio, he hangs out at his South San Jose home doing freelance graphic & Web design, drawing and/or printmaking. Pete is also a Greater Boston native so on occasion he forgets to pronounce those pesky ‘aahhs’.
  • Jason (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Meet Jason, the legendary triple-threat: part maestro, part explorer, and full-blown tech wizard. Armed with a bass guitar, a GPS, and a pocketful of cables, he effortlessly orchestrates harmonies amidst the wild symphony of nature.... With the perfect blend of musical finesse and outdoor enthusiasm, Jason can serenade a campfire with a song while simultaneously debugging a laptop under the moonlight. He’s the kind of guy who can tune a guitar with a compass, navigate a forest with a metronome, and transform a fallen tree trunk into a makeshift drum set. So, prepare to be amazed as this harmonizing hiker marches through life’s trails, strumming melodies, and coding his way into the hearts of both humans and squirrels alike. They say music is the language of the soul, and Jason is here to prove that it can also be the soundtrack of a tech-savvy adventurer.
  • Erik (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Born and raised in San Jose, you learn to overcome anything. Fire, earthquakes and more importantly rock walls. Originally a swimmer and water polo player. Discovered the love of climbing and my hands haven’t been... so calloused since!
  • Jurrien (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Jurrien’s ideal pizza order consists of a thin-crust pizza with classic red sauce in the center and garlic pesto sauce brushed on the edges of the crust (for flavor and crunch), shredded mozzarella cheese, ricotta... cheese, copious amounts of bacon, sliced red onion, pineapple, sauteed onions, minced garlic, fresh basil, and a barbeque sauce drizzle (before the pizza goes into the oven). In Jurrien’s opinion, this pizza order is great in two ways: first, it tastes delicious, and second, it increases the probability that any leftovers will remain unstolen the next day. Jurrien dreams of soft slab climbs, perfectly-sized hand jams, and high quality public transit options.
  • Jarred (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Introducing Jarred, the human embodiment of enthusiasm and perpetual stoke. With an energy level that rivals an entire pack of Energizer bunnies on Red Bull, Jarred’s perpetual state of excitement is contagious enough to make... even sloths consider a career in extreme sports. Whether he’s bouncing off the walls with glee or tackling new challenges with an insatiable hunger for adventure, Jarred’s enthusiasm is like a firework show on steroids. His boundless eagerness has been known to power entire office buildings during a blackout, and rumor has it that he once attempted to high-five a hurricane just for the thrill of it. So, fasten your seatbelts and brace yourselves for the relentless wave of exhilaration that is Jarred, because when he’s around, every day feels like a rollercoaster ride through a circus of excitement and joy.
  • Sathvik (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Meet Sathvik, the cosmic collision of lightning-fast wit and down-to-earth charm. With a brain wired for snappy comebacks and a heart anchored firmly in reality, Sathvik is the perfect balance of intellectual brilliance and relatable... humor. Whether engaged in a battle of wits or delivering one-liners that could make even the most stoic statues crack a smile, Sathvik has the uncanny ability to turn any mundane conversation into a sidesplitting comedy show. They’re the kind of person who can effortlessly explain complex theories while simultaneously quoting the latest internet memes—a true master of blending the cerebral and the everyday. Buckle up and prepare to ride the rollercoaster of laughter with Sathvik, where no topic is too serious and no joke is too quick for this captivating mix of wit and down-to-earth charm.
  • Dylan (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Dylan is one of the youngest staff members at The Studio at 17 and has been climbing for almost seven years now! He joined the team in early 2022 as belay staff and became desk... staff in December the same year. He loves to travel and has been to 36 countries, and hopes to get to every continent some day! He also cherishes all things technology and is an obsessive Rocket League player, and he’s built his own FPV drone and gaming computer. You’ll see him riding his beloved escooter to the gym more often than not, and he even used to work for the companies that run the rental escooters you see on the streets (Bird and Lime). He’s also learning to pilot a plane right now and has dreams of becoming a pilot! He has a corn snake and a leopard gecko, and will obsessively ramble about them (and show you photos!) if you ask. He’s also dabbled with a bit of DnD and writing and has his own YouTube channel! If you see him at the gym, don’t be afraid to stop by and say hi!
  • Sophia (she/her)

    Desk Staff
    “Why Yellow-Toned Greens are Superior to Blue-Toned Greens” – a short essay by Sophia. I don’t like blue toned greens. There is far too much ambiguity between what constitutes as green and what constitutes as... a teal or aqua, whereas there is a clear and obvious line between green and yellow. Does the yellow look like it had an unfortunate interaction with a mud pile? Green. Does the yellow look like an unripe fruit? Green. However, show any group of people a color that is somewhere between blue and green (take for example the Arctic Blitz gatorade) and I guarantee you the answer will not be unanimous.Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  • Leo (they/them)

    Desk Staff
    Leo started climbing as a hyper and super short 13 year old just trying to be better than their older brothers. They quickly learned that they couldn’t reach anything and that telling themself to “just... grow” wasn’t working. Nevertheless, they were still able to accomplish their goals of climbing harder than their brothers after a few long years of falling… a lot. As a Bay Area native, Leo has developed many life skills but there are 3 in particular that they live by: Befriend your baristas, don’t let your parking meter expire, and if all else fails, drink a Yerba Mate.