Cardio Core w/ Medvis

Make cardio fun by utilizing creative movement patterns and strengthening your core with partner-based resistance exercises. Modifiable for all fitness levels.

Yoga w/ Amanda

Amanda will move through a sequence designed to balance strength and mobility in all parts of the body. With a focus on breath and exploring how different actions in the body create sustainable, balanced patterns, you will create more useable range of motion and decrease stress and tension in your body. Amanda will offer room to explore and play, as well as modifications in each pose. This class is appropriate for all levels.

Yoga w/ Joanna

To move efficiently is to move with the breath. Yoga helps us connect our mind to our body through movement between postures and teaches us to breathe with intention. In this class you will flow through sun salutations and poses that build strength and balance, while stretching your muscles to enhance active flexibility

HIIT w/ Amanda

This 45 minute class is designed to improve your endurance, strength, and power. There will be different stations with different exercises to set work times and rest times. The exercises will incorporate functional movement, plyometrics, resistance, cardio, elements of kickboxing, and more! All levels are welcome and supportive shoes are highly recommended.

Yang to Yin Morning Yoga w/ Nico

An all-levels yang to yin class that connects breath to movement. This class will begin with dynamic, active sequences that promote mobility and strength. Gentle stretching and restorative postures will then be incorporated to help relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. Students are reminded that they are the expert on their own body and are encouraged to move at their own level and pace.

Weightlifting Basic w/ Salem

A circuit-style weightlifting class welcoming all levels of weightlifters. This 1-hour and 15 min class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of weightlifting as they pertain to strength and conditioning. The class will start with a group warm-up followed by an overview of the foundational movement for the training session. After being led through demonstrations of the movements for each circuit station, everyone will break up into even groups and move through each station after an allotted amount of time. Throughout the session, Salem will provide specific feedback and guidance based on individual needs, as well as the option to scale movements up or down depending on individual ability. Besides helping you get stronger, the underlying goal of this class is to empower you to walk into any gym space and confidently feel like you know what you are doing, as well as provide people with access and knowledge to a realm of fitness that can be intimidating to begin.