Strength Training w/ Medvis

Medvis will guide you through a full-body, strength-building workout specifically designed to both prevent injury and enhance your climbing ability. Exercise selection will vary weekly. Modifiable for all fitness levels.

Cardio Core w/ Medvis

Make cardio fun by utilizing creative movement patterns and strengthening your core with partner-based resistance exercises. Modifiable for all fitness levels.

Acroyoga w/ Joanna and Sevag

Combining the movements of yoga and acrobatics, acroyoga involves two or more people working together to create a series of dynamic movements and poses requiring strength, balance, and trust. It’s a great way to challenge yourself physically while also building connections with others. *Occurs once a month.

HIIT w/ Amanda

This class is designed to improve your endurance, strength, and power. There will be different stations and exercises to set work times and rest times. Exercises incorporate functional movement, plyometrics, resistance, cardio, elements of kickboxing, and more! All levels are welcome; supportive shoes are highly recommended.

Yang to Yin Morning Yoga w/ Nico

An all-levels yang to yin class connecting breath to movement. We’ll begin with dynamic, active sequences that promote mobility and strength. Gentle stretching and restorative postures will then be incorporated to help relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. Students are encouraged to move at their own level and pace.

Meditation w/ Medvis

We will tune into the building blocks of our being and tap into a great source of energy within. Develop understanding of awareness and attention, foundational yet overlooked elements of climbing. Cycling between periods of stillness and discussion, we attend to sound, breath, or letting the mind wander. All of these will help us with our goal of reconnecting with the source of all our energy—our awareness and attention. 

Yoga w/ Harry

In Harry’s classes, you will have the opportunity to deepen your breath and slow down your pace in a way that enlivens your senses and expands your strength. His classes are all-levels with a focus on increasing your mobility, strength, and awareness.

Yoga w/ Remy

This versatile yoga class centers around the balance between effort and ease, aiming to serve as a compliment to your climbing practice. We will learn how to use breath to support the body and quiet the mind. In addition to traditional asana and vinyasa, this class integrates mobility exercises and intuitive movement to create a complete physical and mental practice. This class is open to all levels and encourages individuals to speak up about their experiences, abilities, and challenges. We hope to see you on the mat!