Cardio Core

Instructor: Medvis
When: Tuesday and Thursday 7:30pm
Make cardio fun by utilizing creative movement patterns and strengthen your core with partner-based resistance exercises. Modifiable for all fitness levels.

20 person limit. No reservations. First come, first serve.

Weight Lifting Basics

Instructor: Wendy
When: Check the calendar, dates and times will change!
Intimidated by free weights but want to build strength? This class is designed for beginners looking to gain experience and technical knowledge with free weights and the barbell. Come build muscle and learn different ways to get the most out of free weights in a safe environment. Warning, class may result in booty gains.

12 person limit. No reservations. First come, first serve.

Yoga w/ Amanda

Instructor: Amanda
When: Monday 7:30pm
Amanda will move through a sequence designed to balance strength and mobility in all parts of the body. With a focus on breath and exploring how different actions in the body create sustainable, balanced patterns, you will create more useable range of motion and decrease stress and tension in your body. Amanda will offer room to explore and play, as well as modifications in each pose. This class is appropriate for all levels.

Yoga w/ Joanna

Instructor: Joanna
When: Wednesday 10:00am
To move efficiently is to move with the breath. Yoga helps us connect our mind to our body through movement between postures and teaches us to breathe with intention. In this class you will flow through sun salutations and poses that build strength and balance, while stretching your muscles to enhance active flexibility