• Medvis

    Fitness Instructor

    Medvis’ background in athletics goes back to the age of five, when he started playing basketball competitively for various youth leagues. 15 years later he fell in love with parkour for its mental challenges and the freedom it allowed him to have with his training. When he got into climbing a few years later, he was happy to realize that the skills he learned while training parkour helped tremendously. His fitness class is ultimately inspired by the movements he learned practicing parkour, along with a desire to expose people to the sport in a friendlier, risk-free environment. Medvis studied kinesiology at Cal State Fullerton with an emphasis in strength and conditioning, which gave him the biomechanical knowledge necessary to be able to safely guide people of all ability levels through these movements.

  • Amanda

    Yoga Instructor

    Amanda is a Southern California native and grew up playing in the sunshine. Movement, exploration, and connection have been at the heart of her life. Whether spending time in nature and with animals, or expressing herself and enjoying movement through dance and sports, these guiding principles have shaped Amanda’s life and in turn she has created a life around them.

    After years of dancing professionally, Amanda took her first yoga class at the local YMCA in 2005. She was instantly hooked. Intrigued by the practice, she dove in because it asked her to become more aware of herself, and more importantly, more conscious of how she reacted to and viewed the world. Amanda found her teacher, Tony G, in 2008 and completed her first teacher training with him in 2011. In 2012, she was initiated into a meditation practice with Paul Muller Ortega.

    Amanda sees yoga as an invitation for us to become more mindful and connected to our bodies, to others, and to the world. Expect well-sequenced classes that weave awareness of breath, exploration of alignment and movement, threads of philosophy, and space to be. Amanda is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 and RYT 500 registered yoga teacher and lululemon athletica ambassador.

  • Joanna

    Yoga Instructor

    Joanna was first introduced to yoga in 2011 in LA and practiced the styles of Hatha and Iyengar. While living in Davis she was exposed to the more playful and acrobatic style of acroyoga and the more disciplined sequence of Bikram. After graduating from UC Davis, she lived in Beijing, China for three years where she practiced the more challenging styles of Ashtanga and Baptiste yoga. After returning to LA, she fell in love with climbing and experienced the benefits that yoga has for climbing. She believes that yoga is the perfect complement to climbing, helping balance out the muscles and promoting recovery so that we can climb harder and move more efficiently.

  • Wendy

    Fitness Instructor

    Wendy comes from a weightlifting background with humble beginnings in Crossfit many moons ago as well as a short stint as a kickboxing instructor. When she’s not climbing, she’s probably lifting. She loves compound movements, progressive overload, and perfecting techniques. Wendy believes that there’s magic in the barbell and hopes to empower and bring joy to those who attend her classes.