• Medvis (he/him)

    Fitness Instructor
    Medvis’ background in athletics goes back to the age of five, when he started playing basketball competitively for various youth leagues. 15 years later he fell in love with parkour for its mental challenges and... the freedom it allowed him to have with his training. When he got into climbing a few years later, he was happy to realize that the skills he learned while training parkour helped tremendously. His fitness class is ultimately inspired by the movements he learned practicing parkour, along with a desire to expose people to the sport in a friendlier, risk-free environment. Medvis studied kinesiology at Cal State Fullerton with an emphasis in strength and conditioning, which gave him the biomechanical knowledge necessary to be able to safely guide people of all ability levels through these movements.
  • Joanna (she/her)

    Yoga Instructor
    Joanna was first introduced to yoga in 2011 in LA and practiced the styles of Hatha and Iyengar. While living in Davis she was exposed to the more playful and acrobatic style of acroyoga and... the more disciplined sequence of Bikram. After graduating from UC Davis, she lived in Beijing, China for three years where she practiced the more challenging styles of Ashtanga and Baptiste yoga. After returning to LA, she fell in love with climbing and experienced the benefits that yoga has for climbing. She believes that yoga is the perfect complement to climbing, helping balance out the muscles and promoting recovery so that we can climb harder and move more efficiently.
  • Amanda (she/her)

    Fitness Instructor
    Amanda has a diverse movement background that started with gymnastics at the age of 4. She trained competitively until 13 years old and then started studying ballet. From there she continued studying more dance styles... and eventually graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in dance performance with a minor in kinesiology. While in college she also found yoga and became a certified instructor. After college, she fell in love with climbing and also began lifting and doing HIIT as cross-training. Currently, she works as a professional stunt performer, dancer, and certified fitness instructor. In Amanda’s classes, you can expect a lot of focus on technique and alignment but also a lot of focus on having fun!
  • Nico (he/him)

    Yoga Instructor
    Nico’s yoga practice began in his teens when he joined his mom in her first yoga class designed for patients with chronic health conditions. He learned that human wellness is greatly dependent on how well... we nurture the relationship between our body and our mind. To no surprise, Nico went on to become a mental health clinician after graduate school at UC Berkeley as well as a certified yoga teacher. He currently practices as an integrative, trauma-informed yogi that pulls from vinyasa, yin, and restorative yoga practices. Nico teaches from the perspective that each student is the expert on their own body. His classes offer guidance through sequences that connect breath to movement and promote the balance of mobility and strength.
  • Harry (he/they)

    Harry has been practicing yoga since 2012 when he was attending UC San Diego as an undergraduate. It was love at first sight. Harry immediately knew the powerful effects of yoga on his mental state,... and the importance of connecting to his body. Harry developed a consistent practice after returning to Los Angeles in 2014, and became a yoga instructor in 2016. Harry is trained in Power yoga, Yin/Restorative yoga, breathwork, and Integrative Yoga focused on fascia release. Harry’s classes focus on deepening our relationship with our body and breath. You can expect the class to properly warm you up for climbing, and daily life. P.S. you can also expect good music with your classes as well.
  • Remy (she/they)

    Yoga Instructor
    Raised on an Oregon farm, Rem-Iseul (AKA Remy) is a multi-disciplinary artist with a love for the wisdom in movement and the beautiful spirits within every creature.  A 200hr Certified Yoga Instructor, Remy loves all... styles of yoga, to different degrees each day! Their teaching focuses on rediscovering peace within our bodies and minds while maintaining a compassionate awareness of the world around us. They believe in yoga as a way of cultivating a sustainable effort towards empowered self-acceptance.