• KJ De Jesus

    Gym Manager

    KJ is all about traveling, climbing, and exploring one’s self outside of their comfort zone. Her laid back approach to everyday life is heavily inspired by living in Hawaii, where she first saw the potential of who she can be for herself, others, and for the land. She open-minded, loves conversations that challenge conventional ways of thinking and doing, and her favorite question is “Why?” because she’s genuinely curious about what you do and how you think. Her goal is help others live curiously, take life less seriously, and find the confidence to think outside the box.

  • Kevin Browning

    Desk Staff

    Kevin grew up in Orange, CA and by the age of six accomplished his goal of touching every ceiling in his house; thus began his climbing endeavors. He has since made larger goals, such as surviving on a deserted island for a month and saving the world. In talking with Kevin you will soon realize that he cares a whole lot, but not just about you—he also cares about your family, what you had for breakfast, what you do for fun, and your favorite color and why. Kevin is married to a lovely lady named Haley. They live in Glendale with their fur-baby boxer dog Addie (short for Adventure). Kevin is also at the beginning of a long road towards becoming a zoologist to aide in the conservation of wildlife.

  • Martha Barragan

    Desk Staff

    Martha is an original, born-and-raised Valley girl. She is like, so ecstatic to be closer to home! You will find her roaming around Stoney Point or the nearest Marshall’s. Her favorite song to rock on to is “Bohemian Rhapsody.” She spends pretty much all her time training, riding her new bike, reading, and learning how to be patient with yoga moves. (What can we say, she is a jitterbug that can’t hold still!) She hopes to one day be recruited by the Sailor Scout squad, but in the meantime you can catch her here at Verdigo. Side note: She is getting better at remembering people’s names.

  • James Corbin

    Desk Staff

    James grew up in New York and now lives in LA. All that really means is that he’s seen enough snow to last him a few lifetimes and sunshine is amazing! He’s never been a millionaire, but you know how you can just tell that you would be really good at something before it’s happened? He thinks he would be good at that. He love donuts, pizza, cupcakes, and puppies. He’ll take a dozen of each please.

  • Joe Chun

    Desk Staff

    Joe was born in Pittsburgh, PA, but grew up in LA. All he wants to do is rock climb, take photos and eat tacos. Before working at Verdigo, he was in a band called Run River North. He will do his best to help anyone finish their projects at the gym, so feel free to grab him whenever you need help!

  • Stephanie Chen

    Desk Staff

    Stephanie is from Delaware and loves shopping for food, climbing, and her dog Olive. Come bring her food or talk to her about dogs!