CA Reopening

We are preparing to reopen parts of our gym as quickly as we can. We will update our website as information comes available. The information on this page may not be applicable at this time. Please go to our Gym Update Page to get the most current info about your favorite climbing gyms.


If you are a new climber or only have a few sessions under your belt, we’ve got you. Our Intro to Bouldering Class is perfect for beginners, and our Beta Bouldering clinic is just the thing for you recently-hooked boulderers looking to establish a proper climbing foundation.

Intro to Bouldering Class
In this class, you will get an overview of the gym’s layout, safety practices, bouldering etiquette, and basic technique. This class is free to members and included in the day pass for non-members. Be sure to show up at least 15 minutes before the class starts. The class is usually 30 minutes long but can sometimes run longer.

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