• Diane


    Diane got her start with Touchstone at Pipeworks in Sacramento in June of 2005. She was hired to facilitate their awesome summer camp program and smoothly transitioned into working behind the front desk. She came to Sacramento from Chico, where she attended Chico State and graduated with a Bachelors in Political Science. Diane made the move to San Jose after receiving the management position and is loving the South Bay! She enjoys climbing, backpacking, bowling and pretending that she can mountain bike.

  • Henry

    Desk Staff

    Henry is new to the climbing world. He has always loved the outdoors and is a natural at clambering and scaling things, so it seemed only fitting that he should take it to the next level by becoming a part of the Touchstone team. On his time off Henry enjoys climbing at Castle Rock state park, spending time on the beach, camping in the Sierras and spending time with family and friends. Though Henry enjoys all of these activities his true passion is to pretend he knows what he is talking about when it comes to climbing.

  • Art

    Desk Staff

    As one of the few San Jose natives left, Art started climbing in 2000. Since then, he has held various roles in the climbing gym industry, ranging from front desk, gym management, teaching lessons, coaching climbing teams, leading large route setting crews, and even some wall design. He received his Bachelor’s from San Jose State University. Outside of climbing, he enjoys watching movies, practicing kendo, and snowboarding in the winter. Even though he travels frequently to pursue new adventures, he can be a bit of a home-body: thoroughly enjoying good food, good company, and good wine, whiskey, and beer.

  • Greg

    Desk Staff

    Greg started climbing in the summer of 2011, signing his first member agreement form on a whim after ending a four year love affair with high school track and cross country that left him with a strong heart and weak arms. What began as a fun activity turned into an addiction that had him splayed out on bouldering mats for most of the year that followed. Rope climbing wasn’t a thing for him until the Studio opened circa 2012 and he applied for a job as belay staff. Now when he’s not crushing the newest lead routes at the gym or shredding papers behind the front desk, you can find him tutoring junior level mechanical engineering courses at SJSU or sizing components on his latest super futuristic school proj. Greg has big dreams of one day contemporaneously living in a van and flying friends out to Bishop for day trips in the ‘milks in his own airplane.

  • Christian

    Desk Staff

    Christian does not like talking about himself. You will never hear him brag about crushing a V6 on the bouldering wall even though both his ankles were broken and he was hungover that day. Oh, and his hands were wet. But he doesn’t talk about that day. No, you will never hear him talk about how satisfied his students are after taking private climbing lessons- he prefers to stay modest about the raving reviews he frequently receives. Though he is tall, lithe, and shockingly handsome with eyes like the sea, he comes off as a very modest individual. He often brushes off compliments about his blinding intellect and broad scope of obscure, fascinating knowledge. He mostly enjoys cooking exotic meals for his beautiful girlfriend and showering her with affection and rare gems. With his free time he writes poetry and perfects his French and Italian. He doesn’t always drink beer; but when he does, it sure as hell isn’t Dos Equis.

  • Ian

    Desk Staff

    Ian is a young gentleman who hails from the lands of Los Angeles. Ian picked up climbing when he started college and has been steadily increasing the amount of time he spends on the wall. When not climbing he enjoys producing music, playing video games, or just kicking back with friends and family.

  • Alyssa

    Desk Staff

    Alyssa is one of the newest members of The Studio’s illustrious desk staff. She started climbing 4 years ago, sporadically taking breaks due to her profound klutziness. The majority of her climbing has been done indoors, but due to new opportunities and great friend she looks forward to expanding her experience outdoors. When Alyssa is not in the gym she’s studying Marine Biology at SJSU, reading, biking, hanging with friends, and consuming large amounts of caffeine.