GRYD visits LA Boulders

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LA Boulders hosted an organization called Gang Reduction and Youth Development, or GRYD, a prevention program serving youth ages 10-15 in Los Angeles. Their mission is to identify students who may need an extra hand in resisting negative influences, coping with difficult home situations, or helping bring up grades in school. The GRYD team provides case management, family support, life skills workshops, field trips, and much more to groups of kids.
Non-profits visit LA Boulders to Climb
Activities Coordinator Stephanie Argueta has organized trips to science centers, theme parks, museums, and outdoor events, and is always looking for something fun and educational. In an effort to encourage physical activity and healthy living, Stephanie contacted LA Boulders.
Stephanie said, “I went to visit myself, and knew it would be a fun and exciting experience for our kids. They learned to get over their initial fear of falling and how to ask for help. They became comfortable very quickly and encouraged each other when someone needed assistance. The excitement gave them the energy to keep going.”
“The staff were great,” said Stephanie. ‘Roxy gave pointers, cheered on our participants, and reassured them when they were scared. She was a great facilitator and the youth felt comfortable asking her questions. She even helped our staff!”
LA Boulders is proud to introduce the joys of climbing to everyone! If you have a non-profit organization and would like to come climbing, please get in touch with our manager!