MetalMark Climbing Celebrates 4th Anniversary

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MetalMark Climbing in Fresno California celebrated their 4 year anniversary on July 28th, and took the opportunity to throw a theme party!  The fun started around 4pm, as members and guests started showing up dressed up as heroes, heroines, and everything in between.
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“Some of our members have been here the since the beginning, and it’s wonderful to see friendly faces that have become family,” said Manager Marie Garringer. 
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The event included wall twister, speed climbing, and a photo booth. Towards the end of the night we had a costume contest and Laura Hayes was announced the winner by members!  After the gym closed,  members were treated to exclusive after hours climbing. 
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MetalMark served up a BBQ of hot dogs, hamburgers, chips and shaved ice for dessert.  When people were done climbing our brewmaster member, Lee Morphew, brought out his newest beer creation, which was a Cucumber Ale.  “As our gym membership grows, so does a great community here at MetalMark!” said Garringer. 
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Become a part of this amazing community in the Central Valley. Check out their Facebook page or Instagram to stay up to date on upcoming events.