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Welcome to Berkeley Ironworks!

Thank you for becoming a member and joining the Touchstone family. We hope Berkeley Ironworks becomes your home away from home.

The whole staff would like to take this opportunity to invite you to get to know us better. Come chat us up at the front desk, where we are happy to answer your questions about how things work, what classes might be the best fit for you, how to do that elusive route or boulder problem, or anything else that comes to mind—we’re here for you!

For starters, we’ve rounded up a list of what we think are some of the most important things you should know. Check out the information below to learn about all the perks of being a Touchstone member!

  • Free Intro to Climbing Class.
  • Reciprocal use of all Touchstone Climbing gyms.
  • FREE towel service, locker room facilities, and saunas.
  • Unlimited yoga and fitness classes.
  • Member Passes for friends and family (see FAQ for more info).
  • Discounts in our Pro Shop. 10% off any gear purchases over $75, and an additional 5% off the beginner climbing package—that’s 15% off a harness, shoes, ATC, carabiner, and chalk bag.
  • FREE competitions and events. Touchstone Competitions are not to be missed! Expect fun routes, great raffle prizes, and free food and drinks. Check out our Touchstone Climbing Series page for more information about these rad parties!
  • Discounts on climbing clinics.
  • Discounts on climbing camps.
  • Your children 12 and under are FREE with your adult membership.

Your Membership Details:

  • Your Membership Account

    Please remember that you are responsible for your membership at Touchstone. If you ever need to go on vacation, visit family for an extended time, or just take a break, make sure that you freeze or cancel your membership before the end of the month by using our online form. Remember, all changes MUST be made before the first of the month. If you send in your request on or after the first, it will be processed for the next month.

  • RGPro Connect App

    You can use the RGPro Connect App for iPhone or Android to easily book and cancel fitness classes and clinics on your mobile device. For desktop, you can also use the booking system located on our calendar.

  • Communication

    We use email to send you important account and membership alerts as well as gym updates, upcoming events, and promotional content. Please add  and

    to your contacts to ensure you don’t miss our emails.

  • Gym Etiquette

    et·i·quette: the customary code of polite behavior in society or among members of a particular profession or group.

    How does etiquette factor into the climbing world? Check out this video and take a look at our handy flyer to learn more.

  • Current Routes

    With 13 gyms in California, the Touchstone Routesetters are the heart of our business. Without their inspired testpieces, we’d have nothing to crush, project, or send. Touchstone is proud to have a large full-time routesetting team which produces the highest quality routesetting anywhere. With a rotation of 10 weeks or less at every Touchstone gym, you’ll always find a new project to work on, no matter which gym you climb at.

    View current routes at Ironworks.

    Download the Kaya App to stay up to on the latest sets, see beta videos, and track your sessions.

  • Parking Map

    Berkeley Ironworks hosts a large parking lot as well as parking in front of the building and on the opposite side of the street. To ensure that you are parking in an approved parking spot, please view this map. Depending on the time of day, you may be towed if you park in the areas marked in RED.

  • New to Climbing?

    If you’re brand new to climbing (or just need a little refresher), we offer complimentary intro classes—all the gear you need is included! Register online ahead of time here.

  • Yoga and Fitness Classes

    We offer a variety of fitness classes. Classes are offered on a regular schedule, which can be found on our calendar. All classes require you to book your spot ahead of time. Check out our Fitness FAQ for more information.

  • Climbing Clinics

    From fundamental movements to how to lead climb, our climbing clinics can help you become a better boulderer or sport climber, or get you ready for outdoor climbing.

    Looking for something that’s more tailored to your personal needs? Book a private lesson at the front desk for one-on-one instruction.

  • Meet Ups

    We at Touchstone Climbing strive to cultivate inclusive spaces in which everyone can thrive and believe in creating a place where folks can come together to do what they love. We are proud to host a number of meetups and affinity groups so everyone can find their crew to crush with! We are not just gyms. We are communities.

    We are proud to host a number of meetups and affinity groups so everyone can find their crew to crush with!

  • Kids in the Gym

    Berkeley Ironworks offers fun climbing activities for kids like After School Camps, Summer Camp, Climbing Club, and private lessons.

    If you have children who will be visiting the gym, please take a moment to read review our Climbing with Kids page and our kid’s safety brochure.

  • Social Media

    Don’t miss out on what’s happening in your community—follow us on Instagram (@berkeleyironworks) and stay up-to-date with the latest news, events, promotions, and offerings!

    Stay connected to the whole fam by following Touchstone Climbing on Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter.