CA Reopening

We are preparing to reopen parts of our gym as quickly as we can. We will update our website as information comes available. The information on this page may not be applicable at this time. Please go to our Gym Update Page to get the most current info about your favorite climbing gyms.

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All-levels Anusara

This yoga-for-climbers Anusura flow will provide a new sequence of poses each week that will help strengthen your mental and spiritual focus, increase your flexibility, and fully help us become aware of our own bodies so we can continue to push our limits.

Instructor: Keric

All-levels Vinyasa

This all-levels Vinyasa yoga class blends strength-building, stretching, and mindfulness into an accessible practice. With an emphasis on connecting movement and breath, practitioners will improve their balance, coordination, flexibility, and proprioception. Expect to have fun, sweat, and feel good!

Instructor: Steven


Flow through a new sequence of poses every week specifically designed to get you comfortable on the yoga mat. This basics Anusura class aims to help you build your practice from the ground up by teaching proper alignment, pranayama breathwork, building strength and flexibility, and a comprehensive understanding of all the necessary actions that will help everybody feel comfortable in every pose.

Instructor: Sam F

Thai & Fly

We all need to take time to let go physically and mentally of stress, of hurry, of working hard. In this class, you will give and receive Thai massage and therapeutic flights and practice relaxing. Enjoy a new awareness of your body through the mirror of someone else’s touch. Give and receive, connect, breathe, come out refreshed and with new tools to help treat and sustain your body and energy. The techniques you will learn in class are the greatest gift you can offer your friends and incorporate in your routine after climbing, AcroYoga, and while camping! Join us for some therapeutic relaxing fun!

Instructor: Cat + Sarah


Acro Yoga combines yoga and acrobatics to create supported versions of traditional yoga poses and build strength, balance, and human connections. In this class, you will get practice as both the “base” and “flyer” to master therapeutic and acrobatic poses in tandem with a partner. Whether you are an experienced inverter or a first-timer, these classes offer the support you need to literally reach new nights and get flying! All levels welcome, no partner necessary.

Instructor: Cat + Sarah

Fundamentals of AcroYoga

We love AcroYoga and we want to share the fun with you. This all-age fundamentals class will awaken your inner child. Give adulting a break and come play with kids your own age. AcroYoga combines yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. Make friends fast as we lead the class through partner bodyweight strengthening, trust exercises, and upsidedowney monkey business. No partner necessary! Come alone and leave with friends. We will help to get you safely outside your comfort zone, cause that is where the magic happens! If you’re having fun, you’re doing it right.

Instructors: Todd and Robin

MMA Techniques

This class provides a structured environment to explore the many fields of Mixed Martial Arts. The main focus is a breakdown of the fundamentals of Muay Thai striking, blocking, and combinations. We work with rotations of techniques that include Jiu Jitsu grappling and submissions. Increase coordination, flexibility, and give a boost to your overall cardio while increasing your knowledge of mixed martial arts in this power hour conditioning class.

Instructor: Mayo

Sweat & Shred

Be prepared to sweat and sculpt your way to V15 (just kidding…but also very serious!) in this 45-minute class that mixes together cardio and bodyweight strength training. Think stronger lock-offs, more powerful dynos, and overall more solid climbing when you pair your weekly routine with just one session of Sweat & Shred.

Instructor: Jackelyn

Kettle Bell Class

A one-hour kettlebell class focused on building strength through a series of dynamic movements while challenging the athlete’s cardiovascular endurance, with a particular emphasis on core and joint stability.

Instructor: Mike