Ultimate Yoga

This yoga-for-climbers Anusura flow will provide a new sequence of poses each week that will help strengthen your mental and spiritual focus, increase your flexibility, and fully help us become aware of our own bodies so we can continue to push our limits.

Instructor: Keric

All-Levels Hatha

Flow-through a new sequence of poses every week specifically designed to get you comfortable on the yoga mat. This basics Anusura class aims to help you build your practice from the ground up by teaching proper alignment, pranayama breathwork, building strength and flexibility, and a comprehensive understanding of all the necessary actions that will help everybody feel comfortable in every pose.

Instructor:  Patrick M.


Acro Yoga combines yoga and acrobatics to create supported versions of traditional yoga poses and build strength, balance, and human connections. In this class, you will get practice as both the “base” and “flyer” to master therapeutic and acrobatic poses in tandem with a partner. Whether you are an experienced inverter or a first-timer, these classes offer the support you need to literally reach new nights and get flying! All levels welcome, no partner necessary.

Instructor: Robin

Yoga Beta

You’ve started to climb up your route and you realize that the next hold is just out of reach! If only you could toss your leg out and get your foot to the next hold! How can we solve this?? Come warm up with a quick, but very specific yoga flow for the first portion of class, followed by some deep active stretching that will not only give you more range in flexibility but also add newfound strength to other areas in the body! This specialized class will get you pumped up for the day and your climbing goals! All levels are welcome.

Instructor: Ashleigh D