Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga combines yoga and acrobatics to create supported versions of traditional yoga poses and build strength, balance, and human connections. In this class, you will get practice as both the “base” and the “flyer” to master therapeutic and acrobatic poses in tandem with a partner. Whether you are an experienced inverter or a first-timer, these classes offer the support you need to literally reach new heights and get flying!  All levels welcome, no partner necessary.

  • Acro Yoga FUNdamentals: Monday @ 7pm w/ Audrey + David
  • Acro Yoga: Thursday @ 7pm w/ Casey + Sonia


Abomination is a 30-minute session focused on building overall core strength. This class will light your core on fire in a unique and fun way that reaches far beyond the standard crunch and is sure to improve your climbing. Take the class alone, or in tandem with Buns & Guns for an hour-long full workout.

Instructor: Darian

Buns & Guns

Buns & Guns is a 30-minute session focused on building overall core strength through interval training, including anything from climbing to relay races to weight lifting and everything in between. Take Buns & Guns by itself, or pair with Abomination or Yoga for a longer full-body workout.

Instructor: Darian

Bouldering Bootcamp

This hour-long class was created specifically for climbers. Not only will it improve your bouldering, it will bring you to a new level of strength and metabolic conditioning, as well as improve your movement skills such as handstands and pistols. Get ready to sweat in this high-intensity class that will take you all over the gym!

Instructor: Darian

Slow Flow

Join us for a Hatha- and Vinyasa-inspired practice that will stretch out the tight, strengthen the reluctant, wake up the sleepy, and calm the frenzied body and mind. Each class will be tailored to the yogis that attend, and all are welcome to make requests as to the direction of the practice. Expect lots of alignment cues, longer holds, and a whole lot of breathing.

Instructor: Sam C.

Anusara Yoga

  • Wednesdays 7pm: Flow through a new sequence of poses every week specifically designed to get you comfortable on the yoga mat. This basic Anusura class aims to help you build your practice from the ground up by teaching proper alignment, pranayama breath work, strength-building and flexibility, and a comprehensive understanding of all the necessary actions that will help every body feel comfortable in every pose.
  • Wednesdays 8:30pmThis yoga-for-climbers Anusura flow will provide a new sequence of poses each week that will help strengthen your mental and spiritual focus, increase your flexibility, and fully help us become aware of our own bodies so we can continue to push our limits.
  • Sundays 10:30am: Take a load off and refresh your body and mind in this mid-morning Anusara class. It offers lighthearted, alignment-based sequence of poses that provide a playful practice but still keep it on the gentle side to ensure that everyone walks away with that awesome post-yoga bliss.

Instructor: Sam F.

Yoga Basics

This class is designed as a well-balanced sequence that will break down the postures to ensure you are moving safely while building strength & restoratively stretching. The focus is on alignment, moving with grace, stability, and awareness, bringing balance from the breath to the mind. Suitable for all levels.

Instructor: Marco


Keep your workouts fresh by incorporating TRX, a body weight and suspension training fitness class that challenges balance, flexibility, and core strength. You’ll build lean, strong muscle that will increase your climbing performance and get you in amazing shape.

Instructor: Darian


Do you ever attempt a big reach and wish you were just a little taller, or more flexible for that high step?  For 70 years Pilates has proven itself to be a superior method of cross training for athletes by improving core strength, balance, flexibility, form, and coordination. Take your climbing to greater heights with this incredible mat class!

Instructor: Amanda