• Sam (she/her)

    Yoga Instructor
    Sam is an L.A. native with the nature of a wanderlust. When she’s not traveling, camping or weaving her way through a crowd at some local concert or music festival, you can probably find her... sitting somewhere crying about how beautiful the sunset is with a smile on her face.  Sam is a lover of life, food, beer and the outdoors mixed with adventure, people and furry animals. She is also extremely passionate about yoga and it’s ability to increase not only our physical strength and flexibility, but also its ability to deepen our connection to ourselves and the world around us. Coming from an athletic background she focuses heavily on alignment while offering a space for every student to co-participate in both the flow of the class and their own breath & movement. Sam has been practicing yoga for 12 years, teaching since 2010, and has 2 teacher trainings under her belt. Since she began bouldering in 2006 she’s always felt inspired to bring yoga to the climbing community and couldn’t be more psyched to be teaching at LAB.
  • Keric (he/him)

    Yoga Instructor
    In early 2002, Keric sustained a shoulder injury in the gym. As an alternative to lifting weights, he decided to try yoga for the first time. After one class, Keric realized that yoga offered much... more than just a great workout. He migrated out of the gym and into local yoga studios. Yoga quickly became Keric’s primary training for body, mind, and spirit. He has studied a variety of yoga styles and respects all of them for their diverse offerings. Keric’s ongoing practice, training, and teaching is dedicated to the Anusara style of yoga, a heart opening practice that focuses on alignment. When he teaches, Keric strives to be creative and fun, helping students to take their practices off the mat and into their daily lives.
  • Robin (he/him)

    AcroYoga Instructor
    Robin has been practicing acroyoga for over 6 years. He fell in love with the practice the very first time he was put up in the air. “It’s a very special feeling, flying.” What Robin... enjoys more than taking flight is giving people that same feeling of playing upside down. He and his co-teacher Todd fill their classes with fun, laughs, and new adventures in the air. When not teaching, you can find him at one of the touchstone gyms in SoCal or at your local crag. Say hi and play.
  • Ashleigh (she/her)

    Yoga Instructor
    Yoga came into Ashleigh’s life after sustaining a minor injury from dance in 2006.  While she had to refrain from dancing for several weeks, yoga not only offered a low impact form of physical therapy to... stay in shape, but also an opportunity for her to find a mental and emotional balance.  She came back to her dance career with more strength, flexibility, peace, and patience that has helped her to lead a much healthier life! In addition to dance and yoga in her life, Ashleigh has been drawn to dancing and moving in the air over the past 4 years, training in the aerial arts! Ashleigh is a 500 hour E-RYT YogaWorks Certified Teacher Trainer and YACEP with additional training in Urban Zen Integrative Therapy, Reiki levels 1&2, and 25 hours of Therapeutic Yoga under Dani Ibarra. She completed her first 200 hours of teacher training through YogaWorks in 2012 and then proceeded to continue her education in their 300 program from 2013-2014. Ashleigh has now added climbing into her physical wheelhouse and can’t wait to bring her knowledge of dance and aerial into her classes at LAB!
  • Fahad (he/him)

    Capoeira Instructor
    Fahad (known as Gavião in the capoeira community) has been studying capoeira for 20 years and is a graduate of the Raizes Do Brasil academy based in Brasília. He has taught classes and workshops in... capoeira at universities and dance schools across California and New York State.
  • Jack (he/him)

    Fitness Instructor
    Jack is a certified kettlebell instructor through Strong First. With a background in endurance/ultra-endurance, he first came around to kettlebells to correct years of injuries and time away from training. After discovering a newfound restorative... strength he was hooked and began teaching. Jack’s main goal is to provide the safest form of strength that allows people to continue training late into life and not lose functionality or flexibility.
  • Amanda (she/her)

    Yoga Instructor
    Amanda is a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching partner acrobatics since 2018. She’s a slackline aficionado and loves doing deep dives with students on all things balance and biomechanics.