• Sam

    Yoga Instructor

    Sam is an L.A. native with the nature of a wanderlust. When she’s not traveling, camping or weaving her way through a crowd at some local concert or music festival, you can probably find her sitting somewhere crying about how beautiful the sunset is with a smile on her face.  Sam is a lover of life, food, beer and the outdoors mixed with adventure, people and furry animals. She is also extremely passionate about yoga and it’s ability to increase not only our physical strength and flexibility, but also its ability to deepen our connection to ourselves and the world around us. Coming from an athletic background she focuses heavily on alignment while offering a space for every student to co-participate in both the flow of the class and their own breath & movement. Sam has been practicing yoga for 12 years, teaching since 2010, and has 2 teacher trainings under her belt. Since she began bouldering in 2006 she’s always felt inspired to bring yoga to the climbing community and couldn’t be more psyched to be teaching at LAB.

  • Sonia

    Yoga Instructor

    Imported from the French Alps, aged in the Southern Sierras. If you’ve ever met Sonia, you may have noticed she loves life outside and upside down. She grew up as a gymnast whose mom introduced yoga to the family when she was in high school. Since 2007, yoga and AcroYoga have shaped her life in many ways. These practices gave her a home, friendships around the world, and tools to live her life to the fullest. Sonia loves to cultivate community through playful acrobatics and the healing dance of Thai massage. In her free time, She takes every chance to be outdoors: hiking, biking, camping, climbing, swimming in the ocean, and anything else that connects her to nature. Sonia is based in LA and offers weekly classes as well as adventure retreats in nature, AcroYoga immersions and teacher trainings, handstand workshops, and Thai massage trainings. Come say hello!

  • Audrey

    AcroYoga Instructor

    Audrey did her 200hr teacher training in Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda, she started teaching right away and went back for her 300hr in Vinyasa Flow a few years later. She then branched off and is also a certified Yoga Tune-Up, Yin Yoga, Kids Yoga, Sculptworks teacher, Spinning Instructor and AcroYogaFit trainer! In short, her classes are a careful guidance to self-study, she points you in the right direction and leaves it to you to walk the path of self exploration in a fun and interactive way. Audrey enjoys being barefoot, street art, good coffee and large quantities of great quality chocolates.

  • Keric

    Yoga Instructor

    In early 2002, Keric sustained a shoulder injury in the gym. As an alternative to lifting weights, he decided to try yoga for the first time. After one class, Keric realized that yoga offered much more than just a great workout. He migrated out of the gym and into local yoga studios. Yoga quickly became Keric’s primary training for body, mind, and spirit. He has studied a variety of yoga styles and respects all of them for their diverse offerings. Keric’s ongoing practice, training, and teaching is dedicated to the Anusara style of yoga, a heart opening practice that focuses on alignment. When he teaches, Keric strives to be creative and fun, helping students to take their practices off the mat and into their daily lives.

  • Jackelyn

    Fitness Instructor

    Jackelyn Ho has been teaching fun and sweaty fitness classes since 2009, specializing in high-intensity, yoga, and cardio kickboxing classes. She’s the founder of Arrival Fitness, a corporate wellness company that brings fitness experiences to the workplace. She started climbing in 2013 after being accepted to compete on American Ninja Warrior (a.k.a. the fastest way to build serious grip strength). Although the obstacle course thing didn’t stick, her love for scaling rocks became an obsession. Her stoke level for training climbers is very high. Like, multi-pitch high. She loves nothing more than working with climbers on their endurance, flexibility, and mental game off the wall so that their crag performance can skyrocket! Whoo!

  • Robert

    Yoga Instructor

    Robert Garren has a background in personal training through one of the country’s leading gyms. He found AcroYoga while following his practices of indoor climbing, slacklining and yoga. For him Acro combines many great aspects of these other activities into one fun time. The discipline, the balance, and the community he has found through Acro are unlike anything else, and it cultivates other rewarding attributes, like trust in others. He truly loves this sport and all the joy it brings to people.

  • Riley

    Muay Thai Instructor

    Riley is a native of Seattle, where he studied under Khun Kru Tirrell Kamara of United Source Muay Thai (one of the few Thai Boxing Association-sanctioned schools in the greater NW) for over six years. Since relocating to Los Angeles in 2014, Riley has had the unique privilege of studying with some of the greatest martial arts masters of our time, including Grandmaster Richard Bustillo of the IMB Academy in Torrance and Martin Wheeler of the Systema/Brazilian Jujitsu Academy in Beverly Hills. Riley’s background in various disciplines of self defense and martial arts as well as his love for performance art and movement give each a class a unique feel, suitable for all levels.

  • Cat

    AcroYoga and Thai Massage Instructor

    Cat grew up in the San Fernando Valley playing tons of sports, but, due to a chronic joint instability, high-impact traditional sports left her with recurring tendonitis that made even walking a painful challenge without the help of supportive braces (think Forrest Gump). Following a surgery that helped her walk without braces in college, Cat decided to start practicing yoga to improve her balance and mobility during her recovery. The mindful movement practice allowed her to build strength and get in touch with an inner stillness in a way that she had never experienced before. It didn’t come naturally, but she practiced consistently and soon came to love it. She wants to share with others what she had found in yoga through teaching.

    When completing her 200-hr teacher training for Vinyasa Yoga in 2013, one of the other teacher trainers introduced her to AcroYoga and she fell in love all over again. It was all she wanted to do! Since completing her AcroYoga International teacher training in Rio De Janeiro in 2018, Cat has been teaching classes and workshops all over the world. When she’s not sharing the practice internationally, she’s here at Touchstone offering instruction in AcroYoga and Thai Massage.

  • Mike

    Fitness Instructor

    Mike is a former Division I athlete, having played rugby for one of the top collegiate teams in the country, as well as abroad in New Zealand and in age grade representation sides in the States. He continued his study and practice of power and olympic lifting after hanging up the cleats, building on the foundation he received while playing rugby. He now holds a training certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as a Level 2 CrossFit coaching certificate. His classes are for all skill levels and focus on technically proficient movement as well as strength building and cardiovascular endurance.