• Holly


    Holly moved to the Bay Area back in 2007 fresh out of college, for my first ever ‘real’ job working as an Industrial Designer. She was living in an apartment that was a cockroach infested dungeon located a couple blocks from Berkeley Ironworks. She walked into the gym one day to avoid my apartment for said reasons and her world exploded! She was hooked! After that, all her free time was spent climbing, traveling to climb, planning out new stuff to climb, climb, climb, CLIMB! Holly also surfs, loves unreasonable adventure goals and once performed a roller dance to Rhythm of the Night. Go on, ask her about it.

  • Jen

    Desk Staff
    Jen enjoys long and romantic walks on the bea…oops, Wrong website…..
    Jen is an LA native born and raised in South Los Angeles. She joined the climbing cult after taking an intro course in college and the rest is history. Jen enjoys checking out bands, playing with babies and puppies (baby anything, really), laughing, and long walks on the beach with her pug, Meeko. She’s the friendly face behind the desk with the glasses and the hair, feel free to find her and share your thoughts on puppies!
  • Doug

    Desk Staff

    25 yr old kid at heart born and raised in East LA. He enjoys climbing/hiking with his trusty sidekick Odi, the German Shepard/Corgi mix. He’s been climbing for about a year and a few months and hopes to become a setter for Touchstone someday. When he’s not pulling on plastic or granite, he’s either looking at Doge pics on IG, enjoying Chicken avocado burritos, or reading about the different gladiator fighting styles. His favorite TV shows consist of Archer, The Office, Spartacus, and of course, Bob’s Burgers. You can find him climbing at LAB or roaming the woods of Horseflats with Odi most of the time. He might look unapproachable and might even be socially awkward at first, but in reality, is a pretty laid back kid who’s more than happy to help you out with your project. Feel free to say hi!

  • Jake

    Desk Staff

    Jake is a LA native who joined the Touchstone family in 2016. Jake is our resident EMT, full-time desk staffer, part-time writer, and self proclaimed Clif Bar aficionado. When Jake isn’t surfing or climbing slab he can likely be found wandering the gym with power tools or changing the music to Pearl Jam.

  • Charles

    Desk Staff

    Charles is an LA native who loves to eat, cook, hike, and most importantly climb. He gets excited when you bring food to the front desk. Apparently, his stomach is a black hole. When he’s not climbing, you can usually see him walking around Los Angeles with a huge bag lugged with school work + climbing shoes or possibly outside on a patio restaurant during happy hour. Aside from that he always loves to eat and workout, so if you want to talk about food or possibly fitness come say to him at the front desk! Bring tacos.

  • Nick

    Desk Staff

    Nick hails from the distant future, having come back in time to prevent an apocalyptic reality. Turns out things are much better here, so he stuck around. He is a paragon of placidity, a champion of both nothing and everything, and a repository of unwarranted knowledge and ideas with dreams of becoming a world-renowned supervillain. And if the legends are to believed, he once flashed a 5.8 on top rope.

  • Martha

    Desk Staff

    Martha spends most of her time at the gym or at her local crag, Stoney Point. When she isn’t climbing you will find her hiking, running, or reading a book. Martha loves being active and needs to be doing something at all times. If you see her at the gym just bring her a cup of coffee and she will forever remember your name…or at least try to.