• Jen


    Jen enjoys long and romantic walks on the bea…oops, wrong website…..

    Jen is an LA native born and raised in South Los Angeles. She joined the climbing cult after taking an intro course in college and the rest is history. Jen enjoys checking out bands, playing with babies and puppies (baby anything, really), laughing, and long walks on the beach with her pug, Meeko. She’s the friendly face behind the desk with the glasses and the hair, feel free to find her and share your thoughts on puppies!

  • Charles

    Desk Staff

    Charles is an LA native who loves to eat, cook, hike, and most importantly climb. He gets excited when you bring food to the front desk. Apparently, his stomach is a black hole. When he’s not climbing, you can usually see him walking around Los Angeles with a huge bag lugged with school work + climbing shoes or possibly outside on a patio restaurant during happy hour. Aside from that he always loves to eat and workout, so if you want to talk about food or possibly fitness come say to him at the front desk! Bring tacos.

  • Nick

    Desk Staff

    Nick hails from the distant future, having come back in time to prevent an apocalyptic reality. Turns out things are much better here, so he stuck around. He is a paragon of placidity, a champion of both nothing and everything, and a repository of unwarranted knowledge and ideas with dreams of becoming a world-renowned supervillain. And if the legends are to believed, he once flashed a 5.8 on top rope.

  • Andrew

    Desk Staff

    Andrew joined LAB back in January of 2018 and has since used the phrase “New Year, New Me” unironically when asked about it. He moved to LA from all the way across the pond…of America. He’s from Pennsylvania. Hailing from the ever-lovely town of Hatfield, Andrew will probably just say he’s from Philly since that’s easier to explain, however you will be met with blank stares if you try to talk about Geno’s vs Pat’s or the Eagles with him. The only Philly colloquialism to stick with him is calling everything “jawn.”

    Andrew began climbing in college and has made it an integral part of his life since. When he’s not at LAB, you can catch him on the fields of Rocket League or on his YouTube channel where he’ll ask you to like, comment, and subscribe! But in a cool way.

  • Efren

    Desk Staff

    Efren was born and raised in LA. He started climbing in 2014 shortly after LA Boulders opened and fell in love with the community almost instantly. He enjoys making his own beer, cooking, watching baseball, and playing video games. When he isn’t at the gym, you can catch him at any one of LA’s numerous breweries or at some fancy new vegan restaurant or festival. He is aways looking to start a conversation or discover new things, so feel free to come by and say hi!

  • Claire

    Desk Staff
    Claire is a Chicago native who moved to Los Angeles for college. After signing up for her friend’s climbing club as a joke, she fell in love with climbing during her first session and never looked back.
    When she’s not at LAB, you can find her knitting sweaters and playing cards at breweries, taking long hikes to high peaks, and listening to podcasts at 3x speed. If you ever see her without coffee, send help.
  • Heaven

    Desk Staff

    Heaven is a Southern California native and started her climbing journey four years ago. She plans to keep climbing perhaps another four years if her A2 pulley is merciful. She’s not good at bios so here are three facts below:

    1. She was attacked by an emu at Girl Scout camp and no longer likes birds larger than her.
    2. She thinks she knows more about shellfish than she actually does.
    3. Once she successfully dyno’d on a V0.

    If this is unsatisfactory information, she apologizes and you can find her at the desk for 3 more facts or if you just wanna say hi!

  • Katherine

    Desk Staff

    Katherine hails from Miami and was raised by rad hippie immigrants from South America. She was eating tofu and alfalfa sprout sandwiches before they were cool—those are cool now, right? She moved out to California five years ago to pursue acting and hasn’t looked back. She reluctantly went bouldering for the first time at her friend’s insistence and joined the gym the day after—trying new things can be scary AND transformative!

    When she’s not convincing everyone she knows to try climbing…she’s most likely rewatching one of her favorite shows again for the fourth time or exploring Southern California on weekends—she likes that so much that she co-wrote/co-produced an indie feature about road tripping through California!