• Remi


    Remi is a unicorn who has taken human form to be a part of Touchsone’s empire. She’s been hooked on climbing since 2011 and has since refused to participate in any other form of physical exercise. Other things she enjoys are Christmas, archery, cheese in general but fondue specifically, anything that RuPaul has ever said or done, and binge-watching British television. You can find her at LA.B crushing (read: attempting) the gnar and trying to switch the Pandora station to 90’s pop radio without anybody noticing.

  • Noah

    Desk Staff

    What can we say about Noah? He’s a gentleman, a scholar, a setter, a one-handed mantler. Sometimes mistaken for a much paler version of some guy you met once. Noah prides himself on his ability to down flavor-blasted goldfish like a college kid at a kegger. You can find him on the wall crushing harding than you could ever dream as his skin changes from light alabaster to a deep crimson, and being the best damn setter this side of the Mississippi.

  • Grayston

    Desk Staff

    Grayston is a Los Angeles local raised on the sandy shores of Santa Monica. He discovered his passion for climbing during his time in Portland, Oregon, where he earned his BA in Religious Studies.  His hobbies other than climbing include animation, thinking about Michael Jordan and his many accomplishments, archery, horseback riding, and reading.

  • Ryan

    Desk Staff

    Ryan is our resident greaser. In between his daily hair cuts, you can find him trolling Little Tokyo for a hot cup of ramen or tattooing his chest with Hello Kitty characters. His climbing ability is eclipsed only by his number of Instagram followers. If you can’t find him at the desk, he’s in the back stuffing his face with cronuts.

  • Roxanne

    Desk Staff

    Roxanne is a 43% Filipino rock climber who spends her time at the LAB teaching people how fun climbing can be, and playing missy Elliot and shaggy “it wasn’t me” over the loud speaker. Roxanne resides in Pasadena, where she spends her free time perfecting the handshake from “parent trap” in front of her cat, and creating once-in-a-lifetime dance moves that are way better than anything Natalie Portman’s ever done.

  • Kevin

    Desk Staff
    Kevin is from Southern California and enjoys long rides on his pet elephant. He spends his free time looking for sad clown collectible art at flea markets, but will settle for a porcelain unicorn if the price is right. He also likes watching The Price is Right.  You can find him at the desk at LA Boulders eating expired cliff bars and trolling for free chalk that has fallen to the floor.


  • Nash

    Desk Staff

    Nash is like