• Jen (she/her)


    Jen enjoys long and romantic walks on the bea…oops, wrong website…..

    Jen is an LA native born and raised in South Los Angeles. She joined the climbing cult after taking an intro course in college and the rest is history. Jen enjoys checking out bands, playing with babies and puppies (baby anything, really), laughing, and long walks on the beach with her pug, Meeko. She’s the friendly face behind the desk with the glasses and the hair, feel free to find her and share your thoughts on puppies!

  • Nick (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Nick hails from the distant future, having come back in time to prevent an apocalyptic reality. Turns out things are much better here, so he stuck around. He is a paragon of placidity, a champion of both nothing and everything, and a repository of unwarranted knowledge and ideas with dreams of becoming a world-renowned supervillain. And if the legends are to believed, he once flashed a 5.8 on top rope.

  • Efren (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Efren was born and raised in LA. He started climbing in 2014 shortly after LA Boulders opened and fell in love with the community almost instantly. He enjoys making his own beer, cooking, watching baseball, and playing video games. When he isn’t at the gym, you can catch him at any one of LA’s numerous breweries or at some fancy new vegan restaurant or festival. He is aways looking to start a conversation or discover new things, so feel free to come by and say hi!

  • Katherine (she/her)

    Desk Staff

    Katherine hails from Miami and was raised by rad hippie immigrants from South America. She was eating tofu and alfalfa sprout sandwiches before they were cool—those are cool now, right? She moved out to California five years ago to pursue acting and hasn’t looked back. She reluctantly went bouldering for the first time at her friend’s insistence and joined the gym the day after—trying new things can be scary AND transformative!

    When she’s not convincing everyone she knows to try climbing…she’s most likely rewatching one of her favorite shows again for the fourth time or exploring Southern California on weekends—she likes that so much that she co-wrote/co-produced an indie feature about road tripping through California!

  • Kahve (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Kahve is on a journey to become a Pokemon Master; in order to do so, he must collect the Dragon Balls from the various Touchstone gyms and become the Hokage. He’s been challenging the LAB gym leader, Jen, to a Pokemon battle for months now–but to no avail. Jen insists that Pokemon aren’t real and that LAB is just a climbing gym, but Kahve sees through her deceit and pushes on as a proper Pokemon Master should. However, being a full time pokemon trainer doesn’t pay well, so Kahve’s started picking up shifts at LAB; he may eventually try out this “climbing” thing.

  • Filemón (he/him)

    Custodial MVP

    Filemón loves hiking and is always looking for a new trail, new adventures and new friends to walk the mountains with. He’s glad to be a family member of Touchstone, and LA Boulders is his home gym.

  • Jess (they/them)

    Desk Staff

    Jess brings grouchy grandparent energy to the rock climbing scene, to the delight of us all. Jess enjoys reading, biking, baking, and making Chinese food from their childhood. They rekindled their love for climbing over the pandemic, and are eager to learn and climb along with you! They currently have 5 active library cards and are passionate about sharing information of all sorts, stop by the desk to trade book recs or your best, broiest beta.

  • Patrick (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Hi, is this the Krusty Krab?
    No this is Patrick. Basically the best thing since sliced bread (which he bakes himself.) When he’s not doing yoga in the yoga room he’s doing yoga on the climbing wall or on the dance floor. On a mission to find the perfect songs to send to (which can change at a moments notice) and interested in wrestling the pebbles of life just like the rock wall. Ask him for positive encouragement or a fun random fact about animals. Party on.

  • Tia (she/her)

    Born and raised in the ungodly heat of the Inland Empire, Tia escaped to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming an archaeologist. After completing her degree in Anthropology, she decided to switch career fields and went on to work for several museums around LA, where she gets to touch a bunch of really cool art and historical artifacts. She started climbing in 2017 and has found this to be one of the most amazing communities to be a part of. Outside of climbing, she really enjoys picking up new hobbies, seeing live music, traveling, and talking about how great dogs are. If you let her hang out with your dog, you’ll most likely have a friend for life.