Yoga Flow

This class will combine stretching, strength training and meditative breathing. Instead of pausing between poses as you would in traditional yoga, each move flows into the next move making it an intense aerobic workout.

Hatha Yoga

A blend of dynamic movement and sustained poses, these classes offer a space for you to deepen your understanding of alignment, encourage slower, methodical transitions and help create balance on all levels.

Vinyasa Yoga

Develop total body strength and flexibility in this dynamic class that includes movement, breathe, stretching, and peace.

Restorative Yoga

Whether you’ve been training hard or sitting at a desk for hours, your body stores up tension that restricts movement and proper body alignment. In this class, you’ll spend long periods of time lying on blocks, blankets, and yoga bolsters—passively allowing your muscles to relax so you can meet the next challenge with strength and confidence.

Functional Training

If you want a class that will specifically target your core this is it! Class starts out with stretches and leads into some basic strength training exercises which progressively intensify as you add speed, reps, and weight.


H.I.I.T. is a high-intensity interval training class for a full-body workout. This workout will be using hand weights, medicine balls, bands, stability balls, as well as some other small fitness equipment for some intense exercise combinations to help you gain strength and improve your cardiovascular fitness.