• Marie


    Fitness is Marie’s passion!  She has been involved in the fitness industry for as long as she can remember. After 25+ years instructing group fitness classes, personal training and managing a health club, Marie was ready for a change and challenge.  She began working for Touchstone in 2009 and has fell in love with the climbing community. Before Touchstone, she had never climbed in a climbing gym before. She was intrigued by the challenge of doing something different since Marie was bored stiff in a fitness/health club environment. She couldn’t be a better fit and she is happy to have found a place where she can inspire people to get and stay healthy in so many different ways.  Marie enjoys hiking, boating, cycling, camping out…basically anything that involves being outdoors and/or spending time with her family!

  • Michelle

    Desk Staff

    What Michelle does: climbs, drinks…coffee, runs, draws, hikes, cycles, sleeps, eats. Why? Cause she can. Why not, is the real question! Life is toooooo short not to. Live happy – be happy!

  • David

    Desk Staff

    David started climbing about 5 years ago after his friend Danny told me he should give it a try. He was instantly hooked and have been climbing ever since. Thankfully he has been blessed to live in a state with some incredible climbing areas and he’s always stoked to explore new locations. If David isn’t out climbing, he’s probably enjoying a nice cup of coffee, shooting some photos, or mopping a floor.

  • John

    Desk Staff

    John is a native of San Francisco and recent Fresno transplant. He got his first taste of climbing over 2 years ago after one of his best friends pressured him into trying it. In the beginning, he did it with his friends, but soon he found himself climbing solo. His tolerance to climbing was slowly starting to increase. At first, each session was spaced many days apart but before he knew it, he had such a strong craving for more and more climbing —he couldn’t get enough of it. The harder the climb, the higher he got. His friends weren’t worried of course, at least at first. “Oh it’s just a phase.” “He’s just experimenting.” However, soon they noticed he was getting high off climbing nearly everyday. They had to intervene. They thought, “But look, he’s getting so much exercise and getting stronger, that’s so unlike him.” “It may be too late, all he wants to do is go climbing wherever he can, we can’t convince him now; he’ll never listen.” “He still has a job???” “We’ve lost him…” Shortly thereafter John sold his sailboat, started reading books again, and woke up one day married to another climber whom he followed to Fresno where they now live with two cats.

  • Danny

    Desk Staff

    Before Danny started climbing, he didn’t get the point; just a bunch of skinny dudes slapping the top of a manmade rock at an indoor gym. What could be so hard about that? Interested, Danny bought the cheapest pair of shoes online and tried it out, and after his first attempt (and failure) on a V0, the point became clear to him, and he was hooked. He loves the climbing scene in Fresno. Everyone is supportive of whatever you are doing, but there is always a slightly competitive side that keeps you on your toes too. His first pair of climbing shoes were the best investment Danny has ever made.

  • JP

    Desk Staff

    After growing tired of life’s mundane challenges, JP found that his inner desires to crush could be fulfilled through climbing. Schooled and tempered in sunny Southern California, this Central Valley hotshot loves nothing more than bouldering with his tribe of duders. Once again a resident of Fresno, the Duder Extraordinaire is stoked to share his psych with all!

  • Caroline

    Desk Staff

    Born in the land of Chicago while spending her summers in the soft, rolling hills of Wisconsin; Caroline fell in love with the outdoors through climbing, hiking and snowboarding. She was transplanted from her flat, Midwestern abode to the rocky Sierra mountains of California in August 2015. Currently living in Fresno, Caroline enjoys exploring on the weekends, sliding down snowy mountains, reading books with good-looking covers and pairing all types of food with copious amounts of hummus.