• Danny (he/him)

    Danny started climbing in 2010, and started working at Metalmark in 2012. As a true native to the San Joaquin, he spends his days off exploring the Sierras, working the land, but more realistically taking... care of his two young kids.
  • David (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    David started climbing about 5 years ago after his friend Danny told me he should give it a try. He was instantly hooked and have been climbing ever since. Thankfully he has been blessed to live in a state with some... incredible climbing areas and he’s always stoked to explore new locations. If David isn’t out climbing, he’s probably enjoying a nice cup of coffee, shooting some photos, or mopping a floor.
  • Caroline (she/her)

    Desk Staff
    Born in the land of Chicago while spending her summers in the soft, rolling hills of Wisconsin; Caroline fell in love with the outdoors through climbing, hiking and snowboarding. She was transplanted from her flat,... Midwestern abode to the rocky Sierra mountains of California in August 2015. Currently living in Fresno, Caroline enjoys exploring on the weekends, sliding down snowy mountains, reading books with good-looking covers and pairing all types of food with copious amounts of hummus.
  • Phil (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Do you know that voice inside you? You know, the one that craves something risky AND challenging? Phil had been hearing that voice from a very young age. He finally responded to its call in... 2016 when a friend took him to MetalMark. Since then, he knew he had found that higher calling…pun intended! Climbing of all varieties is now a regular part of Phil’s life. In addition to being a crusher, you can find Phil playing his upright bass at various venues, going for a walk, listening to music, enjoying a sweet cup of java, programming, reading a good book, or talking too much. Phil holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from Fresno State.
  • Juun (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    I love Climbing because it’s a sport where you can improve with each attempt. The problem-solving aspect is something I loved from the start. I love the crowds and seeing people who are generally quieter... be social when climbing at the gym/crag. We were all that new quiet and intimidated climber, so I always try to reach out to newer climbers and cheer them on. When I’m not in the gym eating all the peanut butter cups or talking to my best friend Tiber from the 2nd grade and asking the absolute best routesetters(Cole/Meg/Tiber) when I can join the team, I enjoy listening to music, painting, and just staying creative in any way I can. Oh yeah, I’m probably talking about donuts, pastries, or gummy snacks if you see me in the gym.
  • Thomas (he/him)

    Desk Staff
    Thomas started rock climbing in the beginning of 2021, after spending years trying to find a hobby to hold his interest. After finding climbing through watching Free Solo, he took a couple of trips to Yosemite with his brother... where he realized this was something they were going to be passionate about. After finding MetalMark with his brother and realizing how much more fun and safe it is to climb in a gym, he was hooked. It became a daily routine and he soon started working there. He has loved it so far and hopes to be a critical part of MetalMark‘s team. If Thomas isn’t climbing he’s usually hanging out with his dog or cooking a delicious meal for his girlfriend.
  • Morgan (she/her)

    Desk Staff
    Growing up “homeschooled” in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, the outdoors was basically my home. I enjoy pretty much anything outdoors, even if I’m just doing nothing outdoors I’ll still like it. Hiking, running,... snowboarding, and climbing are my favorites. My boyfriend introduced me to climbing when I could barely do a single pull up, so it was really frustrating. But I quickly learned to love it and it has become a big part of my life. In addition to this, you could also find me playing with my cat, drinking large amounts of caffeine, following my boyfriend around, or trying to find vegan foods that actually taste good.