• Kellee

    Yoga Instructor

    Kellee is a certified Yoga instructor, Ayurvedic Wellness coach, a wife, mother, and lover of friends, family and fun. She has been teaching Yoga for five years, and has participated in several formal and informal Yoga and Ayurvedic trainings. Her deep passion led her to India to meet the birthplace of these practices and she fell in love. Kellee also likes mountains, waves, books, films, learning, loving, cooking, connecting, music, movement, meditating, praying, and feeling.

  • Sam

    Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor

    Sam Akoidu is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports and Medicine, and is also Strength Matters Kettle Bell certified and TRX Suspension Trainer certified.

    He approaches training in a holistic manner, fully integrating a scientific approach with a mental training aspect. While facilitating healthy weight loss and activating positive muscle gain are necessary for physical change, mental training and transformation is fundamental for sustaining physical results. His 5 rules set clients up for continued success and diligence to not only achieve their goals but progress beyond the original desired results.

    Sam has a lifetime of competitive athletic knowledge, from childhood to adulthood and most recently in Muay Thai amateur fighting. He also has a passion for climbing, hiking, vinyasa yoga, and participating in activities that challenge him mentally and physically.

    To lean more about Sam’s 5 rules for fitness and life, call at (559)825-7670 or email sam@ironbirdfit.com. He can also be found on Instagram @ironbirdfit and Facebook at Iron Bird Fitness.

  • Nicole

    Personal Trainer/Boot Camp Instructor

    Nicole has been a personal trainer for 3 years and she loves it. She is certified through NASM with physical education and nutrition certificates. She is currently a student of Fresno Pacific University’s biblical studies program. Nicole enjoys reading and being outdoors. She loves training one on one and bootcamp classes. Her specialty is weight loss management. Anyone is welcome to work out with her.

  • Emily

    Fitness Instructor

    Emily is a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer and has been involved in the fitness industry for over ten years. She loves teaching at MetalMark because the members are great and it’s such a fun atmosphere.  Emily is really awesome and everyone should go to her classes to find out for themselves. Funtime for her is going out of town and going to concerts.

  • Abby

    Zumba/Fitness Instructor

    Abby is known as an “enthusiastic” (okay loud) Zumba and fitness coach. She has been teaching for almost four years. She is passionate about making exercise fun, exciting and challenging, all while getting others fit. On her down time (besides loving to teach) she loves spending time with family/friends, running, good food and just living life to the fullest.  Grab those shoes and come join the party!!!

  • Jeremy

    Fitness Instructor

    Jeremy is a certified yoga instructor and personal trainer. Along with experience in leading group fitness classes such as kettle bell, core for climbers, and pilates. Jeremy loves to climb, helping others reach their fitness goals, and encouraging students to always remember to listen to what your body needs and have fun with your workouts.

  • Jameson

    Yoga Instructor

    Jameson is a yogi on a mission to share his passions through connection. You can find him balancing his friends on hands and feet in AcroYoga, walking on air on a slackline, or tuning into his breath in yoga. He loves to play and makes a point to bring play into the lives of those around him. Jameson is part of the YogaSlackers family united through an extreme stoke in yoga, acrobatics, slacklining, conditioning, and adventure.

  • Dan

    Fitness Instructor

    Dan Vasquez has been practicing Tai Chi Chuan, Bagua Zhang, and Xingi Chuan for 18 years. He began practicing Chinese Martial Arts since 1985. Before discovering the ‘Internal’ Martial Arts like Tai Chi, he studied styles of Choy Lee Fut, Northern Long Fist, and little bits of others like Mantis, Wing Chun, Karate, Judo, wrestling, and boxing. He has been practicing and exploring Qigong for at least 20 years and conducts energy treatments (Reiki) in the Fresno/Clovis area.

    Dan teaches Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, and other forms of internal cultivation at MetalMark.

  • Spencer

    Yoga Instructor

    Spencer Ruell found yoga at 14 accidentally. He was supposed to be working at a family friend’s shop over the summer, but instead wandered Seattle’s Pike Place Market and stumbled into his first class. He used the rest of that summer developing his work ethic on the mat instead of in a stockroom. He carried on with his practice, but only as a supplement to his dance training. Many years later, after working as a dancer and dance educator, Spencer was drawn back to yoga—this time for its philosophical offerings rather than its physical.

    He’s completed aerial yoga teacher training from Aircat Aerial Yoga, and is soon to complete his 200-hour yoga teacher training from Samarya Yoga. He also teaches at Shirley Winters Ballet, is the movement director for Frente Winter Guard, and is a nursing student at College of the Sequoias.

  • Fitness Instructor

    Angela was born and raised in Brazil to a family of German immigrants. She moved with them to the US in 2002. She is a NASM-certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. Her deepest desire is to encourage every individual, regardless of age, to pursue a fitness journey that will last a lifetime. She loves helping people find an enjoyable way to become fit and stay fit! She is also certified in R.I.P.P.E.D., as well as 4 Les Mills formats (BodyPump, BodyFlow, BodyAttack, and CXWorx). She is currently developing two YouTube channels, one related to fitness and the other related to her favorite hobby, crochet.

  • Joshua

    Self Defense Instructor

    Sifu Joshua Horne was born and raised in Fresno, CA, and quickly discovered the positive, life-altering influences of martial arts. Belted in many arts, he has practiced Tai Chi, Kung Fu, the Golden Dragon reality-based fighting system, and Pilipino Escrima before finding Jeet Kune Do. He has participated in several demonstrations and promotional videos including ones for Fresno City College, Fresno’s Chinese Moon Festival, and Sequoia Middle School.

    Sifu Joshua values life, humanity, and companionship most of all. Training children’s classes and women’s self defense classes has given him the opportunity to give back to others, and he volunteers his skills however he can. Always humble and always up for a laugh, he never takes himself too seriously and enjoys fellowship with others. He believes that knowledge is power, but is useless unless shared. Sifu Joshua is looking forward to sharing his practice with you at MetalMark through his group classes or private lessons for enthusiastic students.

  • Jamaica

    Zumba Instructor

    Jamaica Wilson has been teaching Zumba since 2015. Her passion is dancing and she brings that energy to all of her Zumba fitness classes. Jamaica’s belief in the growth mindset informs her philosophy that you can do anything…even dance! When she is not teaching fitness classes, she is a busy mother of two teenagers and tries to squeeze in Salsa dancing every now and then.

  • Jessica

    Yoga Instructor
    Jessica is a wife, home school momma, and passionate lover of Jesus. She is fun and spicy and loves to laugh. She found yoga while living in Belgium and knew this was the lifestyle for her. When she moved back to the States she received her first 200-hour yoga certification, and has been teaching ever since.