If you are a new climber or have a few sessions under your belt, we’ve got you. Our Intro to Climbing Class is perfect for the beginner climber.

Intro to Climbing Class
In this one-hour class, you will learn the basic skills needed to start rope climbing: how to secure your harness, tie a figure 8 follow through knot and complete your safety checks. You will also learn how to belay using an ATC belay device, catch a fall and lower your climber back to the ground. After the class, use your newfound skills and climb until your arms give out!

  • This class is required for anyone who has not belayed before or who cannot pass our belay test without assistance.
  • All participants must be 14 or older.
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For those stuck in a rut or looking to accomplish a specific goal in your climbing, look no further! Explore how these tracks can help you become a better boulderer, sport climber, or get you ready for outdoor climbing. Tailor the tracks to fit your adventure and become the climber you have always wanted to be.

Improve Your Bouldering: 
For people who love solving puzzles, powerful moves and carrying minimal gear, the bouldering track is for you. Check out what is in store and get your skills fine-tuned for the upcoming bouldering season. Maximize your potential and be the climber you have always wanted to be!

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Become a Better Sport Climber:
Love to get pumped? For the people who just can’t get enough of that good ol’ endurance fatigue (or more specifically for the people who are looking to overcome it) we have just the track for you.

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Learn to Climb Outside:
California offers some of the best outdoor rock climbing available. The clinics offered in this track will prepare people of all skill and experience levels for bouldering, sport climbing and traditional multi-pitch climbing outside.

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Seem to be constantly stuck at V4s? Can’t figure out what it is that’s keeping you from breaking through to that mythical grade known as “V5”? Many factors hold back climbers from achieving a breakthrough: fitness, mental tactics/strategies, motivation, inexperience with new moves or sequences, etc. In this TWO SESSION class, you’ll gain a new base level of fitness, run through specific movement drills, and be given new tactics for success at higher climbing levels. V5 is just around the corner!

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Our Access to Climbing (ATC) Program offers discounts on climbing clinics to those on Government Assistance. To learn more please visit our Commitment Programs page.