Osho Meditation Clinic

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Looking to improve your concentration, reduce stress and live a healthy lifestyle? Studies have found that mediation has a direct correlation between engaging in the activity and the mentioned benefits. The Studio will be offering an Osho meditation Clinic with Dustin Brooks in August.

Dustin Brooks, Osho MeditationDustin Brooks recently returned from a 15-month journey to India, Nepal, Thailand, and Indonesia. He traveled to “explore several powerful healing techniques under many passionate teachers.” He studied meditation extensively and will be discussing the principles of the practice.

“In the most basic manner meditation can be described as quieting the mind. Our minds are constantly in motion, even when we’re are fast asleep our subconscious mind is creating dreams,” said Brooks. “Meditation is a practice to turn the ‘switch’ of the mind off and experience the beauty behind silence and stillness. Considering meditation goes back at least 3500 years, there have been several techniques used to find this ‘light switch’ of the mind.”

While traveling, Brooks studied the teachings of Osho, an Indian mystic and spiritual master. Osho developed techniques and ‘alternatives’ for the practice of sitting meditation specifically for the Western mind. “We have to rid ourselves of the excess energy considering our high stimulation and demands of the active mind,” said Brooks.

“Osho’s dynamic meditation is set up in stages and includes music for guidance throughout the process. It is a beautiful opportunity to shed layers of suppression and experience inner peace,” said Brooks. “The space created supports a non judgmental attitude, freedom of expression, and gratitude of the simple opportunity to explore new methods of healing!”

Dustin’s two-week clinic at the Studio will run every Tuesday and Thursday for the last two weeks in August starting at 8:45 pm. This is a FREE class! Drop in’s welcome!