TCS2016 at Diablo Rock Gym

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It’s no secret that the Touchstone Climbing Series is legendary. 11 locations. 11 Competitions. One amazing community to rule them all! This month’s comp is bringing the community together at Diablo Rock Gym in Concord, Ca. Here are some handy tips to prepare for Friday’s party – er – competition.

TCS 2016 Climbing Competition

Pre-Competition Prep:

Carbo-loading is only half of the game. Here are some helpful tips to help you prepare for the fun you’ll undoubtably write home about. Remember, pre-registration isn’t mandatory, but all the cool kids are doing it.

  • Climbing Gear.  If you don’t have your own shoes, harness or belay device, never fear. We can rent you what you need.
  • A Touchstone belay card. If you don’t already have a permanent belay card, we’ll be able to do top-rope tests the day of the comp. We will not be giving lead tests during the comp, so if you’re dying to lead climb, make sure to test at a different Touchstone Climbing Gym before the comp.
  • A competition code.  If you’ve competed in a Touchstone comp in the last 3 years, you already have one! You can look it up, or get your code here.
  • A paper waiver. You’ve filled out digital waivers in the past. You’ve filled out waivers at comps. Let’s keep that beloved tradition alive! Print your paper waiver ahead of time if you want to be really VIP and skip the line.

Touchstone Climbing Series

What to expect:

  • Brand new routes with brand new holds for beginner, intermediate or advanced climbers
  • Pizza
  • Snacks
  • Beer for 21+ (Le duh)
  • Beverages for those who prefer their beverages unfermented
  • Competition T-shirt
  • Raffel prizes
  • Music
  • Climbers from all over the Touchstone world

Touchstone Climbing SeriesThis comp is FREE for members, $20 for guests, and more fun that you can shake a stick at. No matter your level, you’re going to have a blast climbing with firends at TCS2016. These comps are a fun way of saying Thank You to our members for being awesome – and they are not to be missed.

And remember – if you’re competing in men’s or women’s advanced, you have a shot at participating in on-sight finals at Mission Cliffs in May. Your top 3 scores determine who will climb for a shot at major cash prizes! Don’t let a ropes comp pass you by!

Share with your friends and frenemies to make sure nobody misses out on the fun.

Find out more about this years Touchstone Climbing Series.