Update: Due to the current public health crisis, we are temporarily postponing our upcoming TCS comps. We’ll be bringing back our favorite event of the year as soon as we can, so stay tuned!

Welcome to the 2020 Touchstone Climbing Series!

TCS is our way of saying thank you to all our members and friends for making the Touchstone fam the best crew to rope up or wrestle pebbles with. At a TCS event, each Touchstone gym hosts its own self-scored competition for both members and non-members alike to test their mettle against fun, creative routesetting.

In honor of rock climbing’s 2020 Olympics debut, we’re celebrating this amazing year in sports history AND you, the people out there making it!

So come party with us with free beer, free food, and a shower of raffle goodies from all your favorite outdoor brands. TCS2020 is a chance to try hard and party harder together with the whole Touchstone family.

TCS Competition Pricing:
FREE for Members
$25 Non-Members


Registration usually opens the same week of a comp. To expedite your registration, please have your competition code and paper waiver in hand when you arrive. If you arrive with these two things, you will be greeted with the highest of high fives.

  • Print a paper waiver.  Everyone entering the gym will need a waiver, even if you are a member.
  • Get your comp code. Your comp code is yours for life. If you have competed in a Touchstone Climbing competition in the last 3 years, you already have a comp code. You can look it up here. If you have never competed – welcome! Registration is fast and free.
  • If the above comp code links aren’t working for you, registration hasn’t opened yet—check back closer to the date of the comp.


February 7th (5pm–10pm) – Diablo Rock Gym, Concord (results)

March 27th (5pm–10pm) – The Studio, San Jose POSTPONED

May 29th (5pm–10pm) – Great Western Power Co., Oakland POSTPONED

June 12th (5pm–10pm) – Berkeley Ironworks, Berkeley POSTPONED

August 1st (12pm–5pm) – Mission Cliffs, San Francisco POSTPONED


April 4th (12pm–5pm) – Cliffs of Id, Culver City POSTPONED

April 18th (12pm–5pm) – Dogpatch Boulders, San Francisco POSTPONED

May 8th (5pm–10pm) – MetalMark, Fresno POSTPONED

June 6th (12pm–5pm) – LA Boulders, Los Angeles POSTPONED

June 20th (12pm–5pm) – Hollywood Boulders, Los Angeles POSTPONED

September 26th (12pm–5pm) – Verdigo Boulders, Burbank POSTPONED

October 2nd (5pm–10pm) – Sacramento Pipeworks, Sacramento POSTPONED


Thank you to our partners: