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Introducing a whole NEW way to learn to climb at DRG! Go from Zero to Hero in this 2 hour all-inclusive class! 

The ICC PLUS is designed for those who are interested in learning how to belay and learning climbing technique at the same time. In the first hour you'll learn how to secure your harness, tie in as a climber and belay your partner.

Once you've mastered these fundamentals, your instructor will stick around to teach you techniques that will help you climb longer and stronger. They'll cover hold recognition, body positioning, footwork and more. Climbing becomes easier as soon as you learn the tricks and tips that are too often overlooked by novice climbers. Why not start building good habits NOW with the ICC Plus?

Tuesdays/ Thursdays: 7:30pm

Non-Members: $55
Members: $30


  • Basic Safety instruction
  • Climbing Technique
  • Free Day Pass so that you can return within the week to practice your new found skills
  • Rental gear  


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In this daily class you'll get the basics and become a self sufficient gym climber with one of our passionate and knowledgeable staff members. You'll learn how to tie in as a climber, as well as how to belay safely for your partner. With an emphasis on personal responsibility and the safety checks that we require at all our gyms, this class is highly recommended for first timers as well as a helpful refresher if it's been a while since you belayed with an ATC. The cost includes all necessary rental gear, an hour of instruction, and a day pass to the gym so you and your friends can practice your new skills for the rest of the day. 

Monday-Friday: 4:30pm, 6pm, 7:30pm
Saturday/ Sunday: 11:30am, 1pm, 3pm

Non-Members: $29
Members: FREE

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Ready to take your climbing to the next level? Lead climbing is an exciting and challenging way to push yourself both mentally and physically as a climber. In this hands-on class you'll learn about proper footwork, rope management, and efficient climbing techniques. The instructor will also teach safe lead belaying techniques and all participants will have the chance to take and catch a lead fall. While this class is not required, it is a highly encouraged starting point to practicing for your lead test in our gyms. Participants of all climbing abilities may join, but we recommend that you can comfortably climb 5.10b and already have a permanent top rope belay card. You will need to bring your own rope.

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Let us show you how to climb only a few feet off the ground with no gear to fuss with but shoes and maybe a chalk bag! In this class you will learn footwork, body positioning, hand technique, as well as all the fun bouldering lingo to help you understand the culture of this growing sport. This class is great for beginners and moderate climbers!

Talk to us at the front desk if you're interested in taking a bouldering clinic at Diablo Rock Gym.


Just getting started? Taken the ICC and feeling ready for a little more specific instruction? This is the perfect place for beginners or if you have been top roping for a while but hit that dreaded 'plateau'. The instructor will tailor the class to the participants and offer technique adjustments that help you whether you climb 5.9 or 5.11. Participants should already know how to belay to get the most out of the class. 

Talk to us at the front desk if you're interested in taking the basic clinic at Diablo Rock Gym.

Finally - someone to show you what those cracks running up the walls are actually for! Crack climbing is an art, and with Yosemite Valley only a few short hours from GWPC's doors, you have no excuse not to figure it out! Staffer Andrew has been climbing for years, and after spending his subway rides reading Topo's while living in NYC, he is a California man now and excited to be teaching this clinic. Learn the difference between a ring lock, a hand jam, and a chicken wing. 

Talk to us at the front desk if you're interested in taking the crack clinic at Diablo Rock Gym.


Learn to build safe, speedy, and clean anchors. This is a great class to take if you're beginning to climb outside.

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All yoga, CoCo CrossFit, and fitness classes are included with membership. (Unlimited Yoga??!?! Pinch me!) Non-members are always welcome to drop in on a class for $12. To find out more about our amazing fitness staff, click HERE.  


Enjoy a yoga class in our beautiful studio. Whether you are a beginner or have been practicing for years, you are sure to find a class to suit your needs.


Guess which part of your body will be sore the next day....? This is a great class to show you fun and challenging ways to work your core - and say goodbye to boring crunches! 


Indoor cycling has taken off in recent years and we're happy to have an active cycling community in Concord that calls DRG home. 


Take a tour around the weight room and get helpful tips in sequencing, technique, and form. This is a motivational class where you will learn workouts that you'll be able to do on your own as well. 


Don't be intimidated by Doris's strong figure. She can help you get just the right workout to help your body look and function like a Greek statue! (How's that for a promise!) Her class will help you get into shape wether your looking to step up your climbing game, ride farther, run faster, or just look great in your skinny jeans. 


TRX is a fitness trend that we are happy to jump on board with. Using adjustable cables, you will use your own body weight to build lean muscle, boost your metabolism, tighten your core and increase endurance. This class is so fun you wont realize you're getting a great workout... until the next day. 


This fast paced class will give you a great cardio workout, as well as strengthen your entire body though simple boxing moves. There is light bag work and sparing for more advanced students as well. 


This class is too much fun. You'll get a great cardio workout without even realizing it! This class is based around latin dance moves that will strengthen your core, increase flexibility, and get your heart pumping! 

 DRG Challenge 

Find out more about our legendary Challenge list HERE.


CoCOWe are happy to be able to host Crossfit at DRG. The crossfit program is designed for universal scalability, making it the perfect application for anyone who wants a great workout regardless of experience. It is an intense program designed for everyone! The same routines with varying intensity make it a great workout in a short amount of time.

If you are a first timer, you can drop into anyone of our classes. Our instructors will take special care to introduce you to the movements and scale a workout so you are brought up to speed safely and with encouragement.

To find out more about COCO Crossfit click HERE.

To find our COCO Crossfit schedule, click HERE


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