Learning to Climb with our Tracks Program

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Touchstone has always been a home base for experienced climbers to improve their skills, as well as a place soon-to-be climbers learn the ropes for the first time. We’re happy to announce that this year we’re rolling out a new clinic tracks program to help people improve, advance, and work towards specific goals.

Learn to Boulder at Touchstone ClimbingStaffer Ryan Moon has been tasked with organizing and implementing the new tracks program. “It’s been really exciting for me to build a program that helps climbers progress and improve,” said Moon.

“Sure, if you’re consistently climbing on your own, you’re bound to see gains. But having an instructor take you from point A to point B and help you figure out technique, movement and etiquette can help you break through your plateaus. It adds so much value to your gym experience, both through learning from the instructor and meeting other climbers in your class who are at the same level.”

We’ve built three tracks into the program; Learn to Boulder, Learn to Rope Climb, and Learn to Climb Outside.

Learn to Rope Climb at Touchstone ClimbingIn our Bouldering Track, climbers can move through the classes as their skills improve. We also offer classes like Hangboarding and Campus Board Training, Projecting, and Competition Climbing to supplement your training tactics and up your mental game.

Our Learn to Rope Climb track follows a similar model. Climbers can learn helpful techniques and movement on top rope, and then if they’d like, they can learn to lead climb. “We take lead climbing really seriously at Touchstone,” said Moon. “Taking Lead 1 or Lead 2 doesn’t mean you get a lead card, but it provides a solid foundation for learning best practices and gives you the tools you need to practice on your own for your lead test.


Learn to Climb Outside at Touchstone ClimbingIndoor climbing is its own sport, and some climbers will never venture outside our walls. However, for climbers who do hear the call of the wild, we want to be a gym where climbers can learn the proper etiquette and skills. In our outdoors climbing track, we teach people to climb outdoors in all capacities. We teach sport climbing anchors, how to boulder outside, rappelling, trad climbing, trad anchors, multi-pitch climbing, big wall climbing and self rescue.

Anyone who takes one of our outdoor climbing classes is also required to take free outdoor education class, offered monthly. In this class we cover information from Access Fund and Leave No Trace materials to highlight examples of how to limit impact, be an awesome and responsible climbing steward, and keep our crags open.

“The best part about the track system it that it is Touchstone wide” said Moon. “Now no matter which gym you call home, you’ll be able to mix and match locations to learn the skills you’re looking for.”


If you have specific questions about clinics, tracks, or what you’d like to learn at your gym, let us know! Email [email protected].