• Laura

    Yoga Instructor

    With more than 20 years of dance training in a variety of movement disciplines, Laura Cohen is an avid proponent of proper alignment, mindful breathwork, and appropriate self adjustments. Her yoga classes aim to challenge and build heat, but she allows room for supported poses and gives time for her yogis to decompress after an energetic practice. Though she studied yoga as a dance major at Northwestern University, she didn’t really fall in love with it till she took Jody’s vinyasa class at Mission Cliffs. After following Jody’s suggestion to become an instructor herself she was certified as a 200 hour RYT in 2014 and currently teaches 4 weekly classes at 2 different branches of The YMCA. In addition to dance Laura is skilled in a multitude of visual and performing arts from photography to songwriting to taxidermy.

  • Alicia

    Yoga Instructor

    Alicia took her first yoga class in 2007 while recovering from a running injury. While she was initially drawn to yoga because of the physical benefits, she kept coming back because of the mental benefits she experienced both on and off the mat. Her intention each class is to create a space where students can push themselves physically and mentally, while also cultivating positivity, compassion, and mindfulness that carries into their everyday lives. She completed her 200-Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training at CorePower Yoga Berkeley in 2013. Her Vinyasa-style classes focus on connecting breath to movement. When she’s not on her mat or attempting to climb, Alicia can be found hiking, camping, going to concerts and exploring the Bay Area.

  • Kerrigan

    Yoga Instructor

    Kerrigan started doing yoga in 2007 as an alternative to other forms of exercise after an injury. Being physically active was always a way for her to find that sweet spot in her head, and yoga took her to that sweet spot and then some. She found Ashtanga shortly after she began teaching in 2014, and hasn’t looked back since. Kerrigan feels like there is an innate joy to movement, whether she finds that climbing, in her yoga practice, training, or biking.  While she is drawn to vigor, intensity, and the healing power of movement, she also encourages students in her classes to approach their bodies and their practice with a sense of wonder and curiosity, and to start to listen to their own signals and cues. She believes that each of us knows the most about our own bodies, not a teacher, not anyone else. When given the opportunity we can begin to have a conversation with our bodies, and through time dedication and exploration we can grow that conversation into an enriching and ongoing dialogue.

  • Jacob

    Jacob teaches challenging but accessible classes. He blends his knowledge of alignment, lighthearted spirituality and bad jokes to deliver a down-to-earth approach to yoga. His goal is that his students leave the classroom with a deeper understanding of their bodies as well as a sense of equanimity from their hectic lives.