• Chris (he/him)


    After completing his bachelor’s in psychology, Chris moved onto his next project, accepting a managerial role at Dogpatch Boulders. Always a people person, Chris enjoys tackling the new challenges that comes with the job especially during a pandemic. Chris spends his free time sending projects at local crags as well as Bishop and Tahoe, just to name a few. He’s also an avid gamer indulging in FPS games such as COD.

  • Jamie (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Meet Jamie. A cool, quiet dude, he’s pretty new to the climbing world but enjoys it to the max. He grew up playing multiple sports like basketball, track and field, and football. You might say he’s a fitness enthusiast willing to try different things. He’s currently studying kinesiology at City College of San Francisco.

  • Tiffany (she/her)

    Desk Staff/Coach

    Once upon a time, Tiffany was a mermaid. However, she wanted to be where the climbers were and be part of that world. So she gave up her mermaid tail for climber’s grip strength and heel-hooking capabilities. Fortunately, her colorful mermaid hair is still full of magic. (That’s actually how she gets up the walls.) You can usually find her at Dogpatch coaching her group of little minions or playing on the new sets at the gym. When she’s not at the gym, she’s probably at the beach or hiking to the beach. If you see her, don’t be afraid to say hello!

  • Savannah (she/her)

    Desk Staff

    20 years ago, Savannah’s dad used to wait until 1pm on Saturdays to drive to Mission Cliffs when he knew she’d fall asleep on the way. Two hours later she’d wake up in her car seat facing bouldering problems in the cave. After a long overdue reacquaintance with climbing in 2018, the two of them can be found pushing each other most weekends at Dogpatch. When she manages to limit her time off the ground, Savannah enjoys improving her coordination through roller skating and trying to keep up with Allan Frias’s choreo.

  • Niel (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Niel recently moved back to SF from Oahu a few months ago. He traded in the warm Hawaiian sun, and beautiful beaches for the good ol’ fog and frigid waters of the Bay Area. When he’s not bouldering, he enjoys riding his fixed gear bike around the city and hiking the beautiful trails of California. Laid back dude, who loves to get outside and enjoy all nature has to offer.

  • Anna (any)

    Desk Staff

    Anna grew up scrambling around upstate New York but took a long break from climbing when their family moved to Alabama as a kid. In the past four years of attending school in the Bay Area, they’ve picked up climbing again thanks to the welcoming queer climbing community. When not at Dogpatch you can find Anna attempting to learn a new sport (most recently surfing) or making weird art things (ask to see the small climbing men at the front desk).

  • Esto (he/him)

    Desk Staff

    Born and raised in Davis, Ca a small little farm town where the cows roam free. Soccer was his steez all throughout his life up until college. After falling out of soccer, climbing slowly started taking over his life. It all started in Sacramento Pipeworks, where getting over his fear of heights was his first feat, then it was finally his first V0…. Besides climbing, walking his dog and going on adventures with her is what he does best. If he’s not at Dogpatch Boulders, he’s with his dog.

  • Ellie (she/her)

    Desk Staff

    Ellie first started climbing at Mission Cliffs when she was a kid and after a decade-long hiatus, recently rekindled her relationship. Things are going great. When she’s not stuck to a climbing wall you can probably find her in the East Bay making some sweet sourdough bread, having a mid trek snack on a hike, or road-tripping a very ambitious distance in too few days.