• Justin


    Justin is the strong, silent type who is too busy running an empire to write his own bio. Some would call it lazy, but we prefer to call it telepathic delegation. That’s next level managerial strategy right there. Justin hails from the great state of California, and when his soccer career was cut short by aging out of the pee-wee league, he turned to bouldering. He fell hard for Yosemite climbing, taking a job as a bear ranger to fund his incessant pebble wrestling. T’was beneath a boulder that he met his now wife, and she managed to drag him out of the woods and into a ‘real job’ working for a gym. We couldn’t be happier.

  • Stef

    Desk Staff

    Stef has been holding it down at Dogpatch Boulders since 2014. She would have you believe she is the “World’s Okayest Mom,” but that doesn’t do her justice at all. Stef is a phenomenal mom, she’s a hard worker, has a sly sense of humor, a discerning (side-)eye behind the lense, is always down for a good meal, and she absolutely crushes in the weight room. Basically a total badass.

  • Mei

    Desk Staff

    Ever since she broke her ankle, Mei swore vengeance on climbing by working at the gym that caused her break. Aside from breaking stuff, Mei is an avid wall-hugger and illustrator. Her life mainly consists of art, candy, and climbing. She now feeds her lifelong hobby of people-watching (in a totally non-creepy way) and wall-hugging by working at the front desk with the rest of the Touchstone Climbing family.

  • Johnny

    Desk Staff

    Johnny is completely in his element while rock climbing. Never was really good at any sports or had any particular hobbies, but bouldering just felt super natural to him. And one thing lead to another, he now has the privilege to roll with the squad!

  • Chris

    Desk Staff

    Chris is a vocal climber, known for occasionally letting conversation continue on through the crux of a difficult problem. It’s something to work on. When he’s not here at the gym you may find him hustling coffee or studying for his psychology degree. His other favorite pastime is sleeping in until noon. Chris grew up around Chinatown after moving here from China at 8 years old.

  • Jamie

    Desk Staff

    Meet Jamie. A cool, quiet dude, he’s pretty new to the climbing world but enjoys it to the max. He grew up playing multiple sports like basketball, track and field, and football. You might say he’s a fitness enthusiast willing to try different things. He’s currently studying kinesiology at City College of San Francisco.

  • Jen

    Desk Staff
    While an elusive creature, a rare Jen can be found in the wilds of the Bay Area. Just look for her signature markings: wolf shirt, bunch of tattoos, messy hair, and outta control sock style. Once spotted, observe some classic Jen behavioral traits: slow-rollin the city on a purple bike, camera shoved in her face, searching for snacks, blasting righteous jams from behind the desk, and slappin’ plastic at your neighborhood rock gym.