We love kids and are excited to welcome them to the world of climbing! However, we have strict requirements if you’re planning to bring in a group of three or more kids under 14 years old. Please read below for the details and check out our FAQ at the bottom of the page.

Is your group self-sufficient?

For groups that include people who are experienced climbers, we offer the option of self-sufficient events. If you are not an experienced group please read below to find out what is necessary in order to become one.

  • We do not allow self-sufficient groups with kids under the age of 14 to exceed 15 participants.
  • You must meet the following criteria in order to hold a self-sufficient event in our facility:


Due to the high volume of adults taking ground falls in the bouldering area, it’s especially important that adult chaperones keep all children within arm’s reach at all times. We love kids and are excited to welcome them to the world of climbing, but please remember that climbing comes with inherent risks, and the gym is not a playground.

  • For every 5 climbers, you must provide at least one experienced boulderer. An experienced boulderer has taken our Intro to Bouldering Class or has been bouldering for more than 6 months.
  • For every 3 kids under the age of 14 years old, you must provide 1 adult non-climbing chaperone.
  • Everyone must have a signed WAIVER to enter our facility, it is highly recommended they do so in advance.
    • Anyone under 18, must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.
    • Even spectators must fill out a waiver.
  • It is important that you request a safety/falling lesson when you arrive as well as review the kids’ safety brochure that we provide at the front desk.
  • All self-sufficient groups must reserve their spot at least one week in advance by calling 323-406-9119.

Regular day pass and rental rates apply.


1. Are children allowed in the bouldering area?

Yes, but we require a minimum of one non-climbing adult supervisor for every three kids. Please stay within arm’s reach of all children at all times. More kids’ safety information can be found at the desk.

2. Do you offer birthday parties for children?

No we do not, but we’re happy to recommend some gyms in the area that do!

3. We have family in town. Can we bring in a group of children if it’s not for a birthday party?

You’re welcome to bring in a group of children, but we require a 1:3 ratio of non-climbing adults to children in the bouldering area.

4. I want my child to start climbing, but I’m not able to be at the gym with them. Do you have staff available to supervise?

We do not have staff on hand to supervise general use. However, you’re welcome to schedule a private lesson with one of our instructors in advance of your visit by calling the gym. The more advance notice the better! Check here for rates.