This page has everything you need to know about the status of all our gyms, as well as our most current health and safety protocols. You can also check the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy for more information about the tiered reopening system and to track reopening progress by county.

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Gym Status

• No locations at this time.

Mission CliffsBerkeley IronworksDiablo Rock GymGreat Western Power Co.Dogpatch BouldersThe StudioLA BouldersCliffs of IdHollywood BouldersVerdigo Boulders

Sacramento PipeworksMetalMark • Training Center (TBD)

• No locations at this time.


Reservations are required in order to accommodate capacity limitations. Members and 10-Pass Holders can book two-hour time slots twice per week across all Touchstone gyms.

Mission Cliffs Berkeley Ironworks Sacramento Pipeworks Great Western Power Co. MetalMark Dogpatch Boulders The Studio Diablo Rock Gym LA Boulders Cliffs of Id Hollywood Boulders Verdigo Boulders


What to Expect at the Gyms

The health and wellbeing of our communities are our top priority. Check out our safety measures so you can know what to expect when visiting our gyms during the time of COVID.

Wear your Mask

Masks covering your nose and face are required at all times in our gyms. Valved masks are not allowed. You can briefly move your mask to hydrate, but please step outside the gym to eat.

Symptoms Check

On arrival, staff will ask if you’ve been experiencing any COVID-like symptoms. If you answer “yes” to any of our symptoms questions, we will ask that you reschedule your gym session for another day.

Check in and Out

Check in at the beginning of your session and out at the end of it with our desk staff. This allows us to keep records for any contact tracing requirements.

Social Distance

Maintain at least 6′ of distance from others both on the ground and on the wall—air hugs only for now. We have taped lanes on the bouldering walls for reference. Don’t climb on a rope next to other climbers, and don’t boulder in a lane next to other climbers.

Wash your Hands

Wash or sanitize your hands before climbing or using shared fitness equipment. Wipe down all shared equipment after use. We have sanitizing stations placed around the gyms for your convenience.


Check out what other members are saying about being back in the gym:

I was initially hesitant to support climbing gyms reopening, but after having read the steps Touchstone is taking to protect its members and now having seen it firsthand, I FEEL BETTER ABOUT GYM CLIMBING during these difficult times. The policies and plans Touchstone has put in place should mitigate much of the potential for COVID-19 transmission, and as long as members are responsible and adhere to these guidelines, climbing at the Touchstone gyms should remain a viable option during the pandemic.

—Dusty G.

The safety protocols that are in place at Mission Cliffs are far superior to those I have experience in many other areas of my life. I FELT SAFER AT MISSION CLIFFS THAN I DO AT THE GROCERY STORE. I felt safer at Mission Cliffs than I did during a recent visit to get a scan at a medical facility.

–Cori C.

I WAS SO IMPRESSED by how well prepared they are. Both front and back barn doors open, fans blowing, capacity limited to 25%, everyone masked and distancing, alcohol gel everywhere, and super friendly staff.

—Meg S.

I am an SF Native, rock climber, and medical professional…I FEEL EXTREMELY SAFE using Mission Cliffs’ and Dogpatch Boulders’ facilities. Their regulations were consistently enforced by staff, respected by climbers, and more comprehensive than at any other business I’ve visited during the pandemic (including COVID testing facilities).

—Aidan L.

Since Dogpatch Boulders’ reopening, I had been climbing there with my husband twice a week, 2 hours each session. Touchstone has done an amazing job of minimizing COVID transmission risk and both my husband and I feel very safe climbing there…EVERYONE ENTERING THE GYM HAS THEIR TEMPERATURE TAKEN AND IS REQUIRED TO WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES (including when we actually climb, and that has not been a problem at all for everyone). There are hand sanitizers and wipes stationed throughout the gym, and it’s very easy to social distance with drastically limited number of people, clear markings on the wall, and its hugely expansive gym space. […] Touchstone has been a well-loved and valuable part of our community, and they really are true to their words about putting their employees’ and customers’ health and safety above all.

—Priscilla L.

As an emergency physician on the frontline of the pandemic…I can attest to Touchstone’s strict adherence to COVID protocols: reservation system limiting capacity, screening for symptoms before entry, logs used for contact tracing, social distancing, masks, sanitization, etc. I can decidedly say that GROCERY SHOPPING FEELS FAR MORE RISKY THAN WHAT I EXPERIENCED AT MY CLIMBING GYM.

—Marie-Eve L.