Buttermilks Kiosk

Thousands of climbers come to the Buttermilks each year for many reasons — world-class bouldering, winter-long access, and sweeping vistas rank among the top. 

Buttermilks kiosk in with Eastern Sierras covered in snow behind it.


We have a lot of love for this spot. And noting how the number of climbers continues to increase each year, we wanted to do our part to steward it well. Thus was born the Buttermilks Kiosk. 

please take a moment to learn more about this special place so we can continue to enjoy it for generations to come. walking treils, dogs, parking, cuttural, rock art, camping, do not camp at the boulders or in the parioing loti, plant life, tick marks, human waste, the buttermilks, bishop area od, climbers coalition, touchstone

We see it as a friendly way to help everyone keep this spot enjoyable for generations to come. 

And we’re proud to have partnered with activists, passionate climbers, and organizations to develop, create, and install it, including: 

Read more about the process and the kiosk in our blog.