At Touchstone Climbing, we strive to cultivate inclusive spaces where everyone can thrive as we all come together to do what we love.

We’re not just gyms. We’re a community.

We host a number of meetups and affinity groups so everyone can find their crew to crush with!

Touchstone Meetup Calendar

Women’s Meetup Groups

If you’re looking for other likeminded ladies to work your next project with, check out the women’s meetup groups at our gyms. All of our groups are inclusive of women and underrepresented genders.


She Crushes @ Great Western Power Co She Sends @ Mission Cliffs WomanWorks @ Sacramento Pipeworks Vertigals @ Cliffs of Id She Rocks @ Hollywood Boulders Lady Crush Crew @ The Post Lady Sloth Crew @ Verdigo Boulders Lady Crush Crew @ Pacific Pipe Senderellas x Coalition Crag @ The Studio Lady Crush Crew @ Dogpatch Boulders

POC Meetup Groups

Climbers of color, unite! We have some truly phenomenal leaders in our community who want everyone to thrive and find their fam in climbing.

Black Rock Collective

Celebrating Black joy and Black crushers. Join up with Black Rock Collective at Pacific Pipe, Dogpatch Boulders, and Great Western Power Co. A monthly climbing meet-up dedicated to the Black, African American, and African communities of the Bay Area. All levels are welcome, from the experienced climber to those who have never climbed before (we’ll show you the ropes). Black Rock will serve as a community event to foster Black joy in climbing, offer a safe learning space, and empower Black folks to get out there and crush in an encouraging environment. We’re ready to hype you up, whether you’re getting on ropes or bouldering.

BRC on Instagram

Latinx Climb and Escalemos

Empowering the Latinx community through climbing, community, and culture. Guests will learn about Latino Outdoors, connect with others in the community, and climb through a welcoming and familiar space that reminds them of their culture.

Escalemos @ Pacific Pipe Escalemos @ Berkeley Ironworks Latinx Climb Night @ Mission Cliffs Latinx Climb Night @ The Studio Escalemos @ The Post Latino Outdoors @ MetalMark

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We are a climbing crew created for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) by BIPOC climbers. We currently meet at different climbing gyms and crags near Los Angeles. Our objective is to help close the gap in the outdoors for BIPOC. We want to create new paths, increase accessibility of outdoor recreation, outdoor-related education, and spaces for BIPOC adults and youths.

Lagartijas @ Cliffs of Id Lagartijas @ LA Boulders Lagartijas @ Hollywood Boulders Lagartijas @ Verdigo Boulders Lagartijas @ Dogpatch Boulders Lagartijas @ GWPC Lagartijas @ Pacific Pipe

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Join our Filipinx climbing family! Our mission is to uplift Pilipino culture in climbing, transcend barriers to the outdoors and reconnect to the land. We gather to build community, grow together as climbers, share food and culture, and work together to make the outdoors feel like home for all people. If you enjoy lumpia, we welcome you! We meet at gyms and crags, have joint affinity gatherings and partner in stewardship projects with local organizations.  Learn more at our website or on Instagram. Discover upcoming events on our calendar or at each gym’s calendar via the links below.

FilipinUp @ Great Western Power CO FilipinUp @ Berkeley Ironworks FilipinUp @ Pacific Pipe FilipinUp @ Mission Cliffs FilipinUp @ Dogpatch Boulders FilipinUp on Instagram FilipinUp Website

Queer Crush

At Touchstone, Pride is all year round! Join QUEER CRUSH and meet incredible LGBTQ+ folx in the Touchstone Community. We are committed to creating a safe space in which queer, trans, genderfluid, and nonbinary climbers can crush climbs and make friends. 

Queer Crush happens at Mission Cliffs, Dogpatch Boulders, Berkeley Ironworks, Great Western Power Co., Diablo Rock Gym, Sacramento Pipeworks, The Studio, LA Boulders, Cliffs of Id, Hollywood Boulders, Verdigo Boulders, Pacific Pipe, MetalMark and The Post. Join our Facebook groups to stay up-to-date on all QC happenings. Want to know what else we do with the LGBTQ+ community? Check out our Pride page, and click here for info about other queer climbing groups in California.

QC on Instagram QC on Facebook QC on Discord QC NorCal Calendar QC SoCal Calendar QC Monthly Email Newsletter



Climbing is for EVERYONE! ParaCliffHangers host events each month for people with physical disabilities. We work with participants to find the right style of climbing for them—whether that be on a rope, on the wall, or a combination of the two—so that they can learn new styles of climbing and safely push their limits.

We currently host monthly adaptive climbing events at Berkeley IronworksPacific Pipe, and The Post. We’re working hard to expand adaptive climbing options to all of our rope gyms. New volunteers and participants are encouraged to join us.

Adaptive @ Berkeley Ironworks Adaptive @ Pacific Pipe Adaptive @ The Post


 ASL Climbs

Join us at Pacific Pipe for ASL Climb Day on the 1st Sunday of each month.

ASL group posing for pic at Pac Pipe gym

All are welcome: Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing — all who love meeting other signers, practicing ASL, and having fun! We encourage you to bring your friends to this awesome gathering.

ASL Climb Day @ Pacific Pipe



Simcha Sandbags – a Yoked Yehudim Production

Join us at Pacific Pipe Climbing for Simcha Sandbags the 3rd Tuesday of every month @ 6pm.

The Simcha crew in front of a wall at Pac Pipe

Are rock walls your Shul? We are a group of ~Yoked Yehudim~ dedicated to encouraging the Jewish community to explore the world of climbing. Our goal is to create a welcoming space for Jewish individuals and allies to celebrate the Jewish culture and connect through the joy of belays, boulders, and just being yourself.

Simcha Sandbags @ Pacific Pipe Simcha Sandbags @ Berkeley Ironworks