With 12 gyms in California, our killer setting crew is the heart of our business. Without their inspired testpieces, we’d have nothing to crush, project, or send. Touchstone is proud to boast the largest full-time routesetting team in the country which produces the highest quality routesetting anywhere. With a rotation of 10 weeks or less at every Touchstone gym, you will always find a new project to work on no matter which gym you climb at. Big ups to Five Ten for sponsoring the team; we’d be nothing with out their amazing shoe rubber, sick designs and amazing apparel.

  • Jeremy - JHo

    Director of Routesetting

    Jeremy has been around Touchstone since 2008 and has done it all, from belaying little kids on their birthdays to fetching Gatorades for members to setting finals routes for our biggest events. As the Director of Routesetting for all Touchstone locations, he oversees approximately 40 routesetters from Sacramento to LA. In addition to setting commercially for Touchstone, Jeremy is a USAC L4 National Setter and a proud member of the USAC National Setting Team. He has set for multiple National, Regional, and Divisional Championships, acting as Chief Routesetter for many of those events. He is also an Ambassador for E9 Clothing, has close ties with Five Ten shoes and Organic Climbing, and is a member of the Haptic Design team where he shape holds for Kilter Grips.

    Jeremy loves all aspects of routesetting, but what gives him the greatest joy is teaching climbers through non-verbal communication; his goal is to teach climbers something new about climbing every time they get on his routes or boulders. If he’s not in the gym training or setting, you can likely find him hanging out with his amazing wife and daughter, most often eating good food or riding slides at the park.

  • Sean - NANO

    Head Routesetter of Southern California + Evolv Athlete

    Sean hails from New Jersey and was first introduced to climbing at boarding school in New Hamsphire. It was the first sport that actually made sense to him. When he turned 20, Sean made the move from New Jersey to Oakland and at first worked as a massage therapist. His decision to get a membership at GWPC reignited his passion for climbing and led to him become a full time routesetter for Touchstone.

    Climbing, training, and setting have become the focal point of Sean’s energy, but if he’s not doing one of those things he’s probably at home playing videogames or on a D&D bender with friends.

  • Buck - BY

    Head Routesetter of Northern California + Evolv Athlete

    Buck fell in love with climbing out in the desert of Joshua Tree, CA. For the first many years of his climbing life he spent his days sketching his way up moderate trad climbs and dreaming of one day climbing bigwalls. Climbing slowly but surely took over his life and by the time he was out of college the only thing that made sense to him was to move to Yosemite Valley.

    Buck found his way onto Yosemite Search and Rescue where he spent two seasons splitting his time between going on rescues and climbing bigwalls. Somewhere along the way, Buck stumbled into a climbing gym in the Bay Area and found himself a job as a routesetter. He now works as a full time routesetter for Touchstone Climbing and is continually stoked to take the skills he learns in the gym to the granite walls of Yosemite.

  • Colin - CBG

    Berkeley Ironworks Foreman

    Colin is is a USAC L1 Setter. His hobbies include wearing stripes, having glasses, and saying hello like a perfect gentleman.

  • Joshua - JF

    Sacramento Pipeworks Foreman

    Joshua has been a setter with Touchstone creating outstanding technical routes and problems since 2006. In his youth he earned the opportunity to compete at the national level and shares his experience while coaching for the Touchstone youth Competitive Team. When you can’t find Josh in the gym, you’ll have to go looking high in the mountains as he’s sure to be shredding the ski slopes, boofin’ the gnar on some class 5 whitewater, or summiting some of the tallest peaks in the Sierras.

  • Hiro - HW

    Diablo Rock Gym Foreman

    Hiro is originally from New Jersey but did most his climbing in Hawaii, which is where he first started setting and really fell in love with the sport. He moved to the Bay Area from Colorado about a year ago. His favorite thing about setting is having a creative outlet that he can get paid to do and at the same time (hopefully) make a fun climb for people to enjoy. His other favorite things to do are hacky sacking, fly fishing, and spending time in the great outdoors. Contrary to popular belief, his setting initials actually stand for HomeWork.

  • John - Jdub

    Great Western Power Co Foreman

    John was born on April 2, 1792 and played a great role in Colombia’s struggle for independence. Before beginning his career in military at the tender age of 18, he was pursuing his studies in law. He joined as a federalist but later joined in the rank of Colonel in 1812. Under the aegis of Simón Bolívar, Santander was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General in 1817. In October 1821, after the formation of the constitution of Cúcuta Santander was vehemently elected as the vice president of Gran Colombia.

  • Cole - CZ

    MetalMark Foreman

    Cole has been working for Touchstone since 2012 as a routesetter at MetalMark. He began as a trad climber, then moved on to sport, and now focuses on bouldering. When he’s not setting five-star routes and asking for more holds, he’s searching for the softest boulders in the country, knee barring through the hard ones, and spending too much time in Whole Foods. He’s most famous for being the inventor of fashion, gracing the cover of a magazine, watching 95% of the bouldering videos available online, and punting on the last move.

  • Ben - FLEA


    LATFH! Don’t let the pink pants fool you, this kid means serious business when it comes to climbing! Having grown up in the Bay Area, Flea is a fixture in the local climbing, bike polo, and music scenes. Want to know anything and everything about early 80’s cartoons? Need your project done? Need CPR? Just ask Ben, he’ll be happy to oblige.

  • Karl - KC


    Karl started setting for Touchstone in 2014 at Sacramento Pipeworks. In addition to setting full time, Karl also shapes for Stone Age, Touchstone’s in-house climbing hold manufacturer. He enjoys the combined aesthetics of shaping holds and then setting routes with them. Karl also teaches yoga. Sometimes he plays very loud and very heavy metal music while doing so, which some people enjoy. A brief list of possibly embarrassing interests: The Lord of the Rings trilogy (especially the novels), lute music, the criterion collection, feeling nostalgic while listening to Cannibal Corpse, reading poetry at home with his cats, and writing in the third person.

  • Scott - SC


    Scott starting climbing in 1997 and has been routesetting since January 2015. He is also one of the head coaches for Touchstone’s Competitive Youth Climbing Team. His favorite climbing places include Rodellar in Spain and Rocklands in South Africa.

  • Zack - ZTD


    Zack has been routesetting since December, 2015. Outside of work, Zack enjoys rock climbing, whether it be training indoors or traveling outdoors. Other hobbies include playing the piano, seshing the wave, skateboarding, and video games.

  • Darryl


    Darryl has a genius-level IQ but works as janitor at MIT. When he solves a difficult graduate-level math problem, his talents are discovered by Professor Lambeau, who decides to help the misguided youth reach his potential. After a string of incidents with the city he makes a deal for leniency so long as he sees a therapist, Robin Williams.

  • Sean - SK


    Sean’s been climbing for nine years and finally got the chance to start setting with Touchstone at Pipeworks in Sacramento a year ago. He couldn’t be happier—the crew is made up of some of his closest friends. The thing he loves about climbing the most is that the rocks are always there. His psych may waiver from time to time, but the rocks are always there when the climbing bug bites hard.

  • Theo - TL


    Born in Washington DC, Theo started climbing at age 12. His passion for climbing has taken him around the globe to Ecuador, the Himalayas, El Paso Texas, and countless other spots around the country. Settling in Los Angeles after receiving a BFA in film production, Theo has been setting routes for the LA Touchstone gyms for 2 years. His favorite drink is a double espresso.

  • Joshua - SKI


    Hailing from Concord, Josh started rock climbing in 2011 and got hooked right away. He decided to make climbing his life and began working for Touchstone the same year. He stays stoked cranking on projects with his friends. When he’s not pulling on grips, Josh likes to ride motorcycles on the racetrack; it’s at least as fun as climbing and is a great way to give his fingers a much-needed break.

  • Craig - CM


    AKA – Hippie, Skeletor

    With 35 years of climbing experience, Craig has redpointed 5.14 and bouldered V9. He was the Head Routesetter for Touchstone from 1996 to 2010, and has been the Head Routesetter for multiple roped and bouldering Nationals competitions in both the adult and junior categories.

    A resident of Sonora and routesetting in the Bay Area four days a week, Craig is always on the move and wouldn’t have it any other way. When not routesetting, Craig can be found  skiing with his daughters and grandson, or climbing with his bros at the crags and boulders, trying hard, with no regard for personal safety.

  • Wes - WES

    Routesetter + Mad Rock Athlete

    Wes first appeared in a bit part in the 1981 film Endless Love, followed by a major supporting role as a crazed military academy student in Taps later that year. In 1983, Cruise was part of the ensemble cast of The Outsiders. That same year he appeared in All the Right Moves and Risky Business, which has been described as “A Generation-X classic, and a career-maker for Wes Miralgo”, and which, along with 1986’s Top Gun, cemented his status as a superstar. Cruise also played the male lead in Legend.

  • Tiber - TLM


    Tiber grew up in Oakhurst, California. He began climbing in high school and hasn’t done much else since. Before he started working for Touchstone he worked a variety of jobs: landscaper, cashier, server, receiver for a clothing company, and even a security guard. After working such odd jobs, becoming a Touchstone routesetter was a dream come true. He could not believe he was getting paid to climb!

    Before working for Touchstone Tiber could not put his finger on his particular style of climbing, but now that he has been working as a setter for a few years he can assuredly say that his climbing style boils down to one part extended, one part scrunchy, and a dash of power. Keep an eye out for his maker’s mark TLM. Most importantly, he’s just happy to be here!

  • Radu - RAD


    Born but not raised in Romania, Radu was a youth competitor with a love for dynos (and penguins). Now, when he is not eating sushi or working on photography projects, he coaches the SF climbing teams.

    With a setting style influenced by the comp scene, Radu’s setting tends to make the climber think outside the box. He is always down to talk beta and offer advice if a climber gets stumped.

  • Ryan - RR


    Ryan’s journey with Touchstone Climbing began in 2007. Front desk, routesetter, Stone Age hold maker, he is all of those things. One time he had to put climbing on hold to perform with the Sacramento Ballet. Great Wall of China—hiked it. Christ the Redeemer Statue—sport climbed up to it. Hawai’i—lived there. You ever heard of Cirque du Soleil? He does contract work for them. Spandex—loves it. He once beat Super Mario Brothers 3 on NES in 13min 43sec on the console. His favorite movie is Terminator II: Judgement Day.

  • Joe - JY


    Joe Yun started playing Magic: The Gathering in 1994. Joe claims to have received the 34th DCI number issued in France and to have played in France’s very first sanctioned event.
    In 2002, Yun would meet fellow French player Wafo-Tapa at the European Championship. Later that year Joe moved to Wafo-Tapa’s hometown of Nantes to study for three years. From there the two built a strong friendship, often preparing for events together. Joe credits this friendship as a major source of his later personal success and considers Wafo-Tapa to be his favorite player.

  • Morgan - MCG


    Half man, half amazing, Morgan joined the Touchstone family in 2008 when a strange series of events brought him up to San Francisco. After talking to a random climber at a bus stop, the two joined forces to boulder the next morning. Morgan’s been hooked ever since. He can often be found frolicking in Tahoe, Yosemite, Bishop, and of course, the legendary Mortar Rock.

    When he’s not climbing, Morgan is active in the Bay Area recovery community, helping people escape sinking ships. And if you want to ask him for tips on achieving Enlightenment, just tap him on the shoulder after he’s done forerunning.

  • Zak - ZAK


    You’ve probably seen this golden haired crusher stop by at your gym at some point. Born in Berkeley, Zak was introduced to climbing after a wilderness therapy excursion had him shuffling up a 5.9+ one week. Once home, he and his mom starting rope climbing at Ironworks. Soon after he joined the Ironworks teen team, where he slowly figured out the sport thanks to the coaches. Since he already spent so much of his time at the gym, sometimes even ditching school for a session, he ended up getting a job at Oakland’s very own GWPC, and from there went on to set routes.

    When he’s not grunting up rocks or trying to discover fire, Zak spends his time on his computer playing games like Overwatch, visiting his best friend in Culver City, or driving to the next climbing trip.

  • Dylin - DC


    Dylin was born and raised in Pasadena, CA. Climbing rocks and setting plastic has been a part of his life for almost a decade now. He grew up climbing around Stoney Point with his pops, but it wasn’t till high school that he developed the passion he has for it now. Rock climbing has been nothing but fun and to him, that’s what it is first and foremost. He plans on doing it till the day he is reborn as a silverback gorilla.

  • Ben - BD


    Ben grew up in West Virginia near the New River Gorge and started climbing at age 12. At age 16 he took a 50′ ground fall and broke himself. After recovering, his love for climbing only grew, and after college Ben roved the west on an endless climbing road trip. In the summer of 2008 he visited Yosemite for the first time; he liked the park so much that he stayed for seven years, working as a search and rescue technician and climbing ranger.

  • Travis - ZAAA!!!


    It was silent, and there was a loud explosion, the cosmos erupted in orange plasma—giving birth to the Zaaa!!! It has been noted in the Magna Carta of a legendary climber, and it was he, Travis.

    Travis learned to climb in Yosemite eight years ago and has been a full time setter for six years. He has gone from working at Vertical Hold in San Diego, to Metalmark in Fresno, to Stonegardens in Washington, to Asana in Indiana, and then finally to here, Touchstone Bay Area. Setting those hotboyz moves along the way, fighting a beast infection and a bad case of swoliosis.

    Past setting aliases: T$, Tra$hBus, Scum, Gravy Train, Tpain, currently known as Zaaa!!!

  • Grayston - GL


    Grayston Leonard has dreams of one day marrying into royalty and becoming a little league coach for his daughter’s baseball team. He currently climbs V5 and has hopes that one day he can climb like Jeremy Ho. That’s his favorite climber. He has been climbing for eight years and has been working for Touchstone since LA.B opened in 2013. His favorite moves to set include coffin starts, piano matches, and inside flags. He spends most of his days listening to audio books and staring at the sea.

  • Eric - McLvn


    Eric is from Livermore, CA and has been climbing since he was 10 years old. He started setting at a small climbing gym in Livermore in 2008 and started setting for Touchstone around 2011. Eric likes most kinds of routes but says setting dynos and bouldery climbing is his favorite. In his free time he is a student and enjoys playing sports.

  • Tobin - TOBY

    Tobin is a 5th Level Certified Hold Washer.

    Wielding his first pressurized water canon at the age of 5, super soakers would be Tobin’s introduction to the power of PSI. The rest is history. Today you’ll find Tobin in the wash room with his personal favorite power washer, the Simpson Megashot 3100 psi pressure washer; 3.5 gallons per minute!!!

    “These holds ain’t gonna wash themselves!” says Tobin.

  • Megs - MS

    Megs relocated from the land of ice and snow (Wisconsin). Prior to moving, this vegan cheese head learned to climb on the slick purple quartzite of Devil’s Lake. Kissing “goodbye” to the lovely purple monoliths and ice falls was difficult, but because of her affair with cracks, she had to leave. Megs followed the crowds straight to Yosemite where she worked for the NPS as a physical science technician. Weary of splitter granite, Megs traveled farther west to conquer plastic and set for Touchstone.

  • Max - MK

    Max Krimmer is an avid boulderer with over 10 years of professional experience working in the climbing industry. Max first discovered his love for climbing and routesetting while attending college in Colorado. After graduation, Max worked at several commercial climbing gyms across the state.

    In 2014, Max moved to Boulder to pursue filmmaking. He worked with Sender Films, Big Up Productions, and Chuck Fryberger on several climbing films, including the award-winning Valley Uprising. He also produced and directed his own independent film, Huntsmen, which documented his time developing boulders in Southern Colorado. Max moved to Berkeley in 2016 and is excited to return to his roots as a routesetter and to continue learning from the world-class setting team here at Touchstone Climbing.