With 11 gyms in California, our killer setting crew is the heart of our business. With out their inspired test pieces, you’d have nothing to crush, project, and send. Touchstone is proud to boast the largest full-time route-setting team in the country. With 42 full time route-setters, Touchstone Climbing provides the highest quality route-setting anywhere. With a rotation of 10 weeks or less at all the Touchstone gyms, you will always find a new project to work on no matter which gym you climb in. Big ups to Five Ten for sponsoring the team. We’d be nothing with out their amazing shoe rubber, sick designs and amazing apparel.

  • Jeremy - Jho

    Director of Routesetting

    Jeremy has been around Touchstone since 2008 and has done it all from belaying little kids on their birthdays to fetching Gatorades for members to setting finals routes for our biggest events. Born in Hawaii but raised in the Bay Area since he was four years old, he calls this place home and has no intentions of leaving… ever. He may look like a pirate at times, but we swear he’s a nice guy – go talk to him! Oh, and if you see him with a small child don’t be alarmed; it is, in fact, his, and he is allowed to hold it. He is a USAC L4 National Setter.

  • Noah - NP

    Southern California Head Routesetter

    Noah is the foreman of LA Boulders and has his sights set on Southern California domination. He is a Kingdom Games (2014) Overall Champion, and a Category Winner in Function, Technical Aspects, Fun & Flow and Setter’s Choice. He also won Overall 2nd Place at the Setter Showdown (2015) and a Category Winner in Function and Setter’s Choice. “I also win hearts. In route setting. Specifically,” said Noah.

  • Art - AB

    Studio Climbing Foreman

    Art is a retired American inventor and scientist. He is credited as the co-creator of the Post-it note, an item of office stationery manufactured by 3M. As of 2006, Post-it note products are sold in more than 100 countries.

    Art was born in Minnesota and subsequently lived in Iowa and Kansas City. He received his early education in a one-room rural schoolhouse. In 1953, while still enrolled in undergraduate school, Art took a job at 3M as a new product development researcher. He worked in new product development throughout his career at 3M until his retirement in the early 1990s.

  • Buck Y

    Mission Cliffs Foreman

    Buck is a Portuguese explorer, who in landed on the islands of Biak, whilst he awaited the passing of the monsoon season, and on the northern coasts of the Bird’s Head Peninsula, calling the region Ilhas dos Papuas. He is thus credited with the European discovery of New Guinea.

  • Josh - JF

    Sacramento Pipeworks Foreman

    Josh as been setting with Touchstone since 2006. Starting medical school in the next year, he aspires to be an ER doctor. But until that begins, if you don’t see him setting a route, you can guarantee he’s “Shredding the Gnar” and “Boofing like a Mofo” on some class 5 whitewater.

  • Colin

    Berkeley Ironworks Foreman

    Colin is is a USAC L1 Setter. His hobbies include wearing stripes, having glasses, and saying hello like a perfect gentleman.

  • Ben - Flea

    Diablo Rock Gym Foreman

    LATFH! Don’t let the pink pants fool you, this kid means serious business when it comes to climbing! Having grown up in the Bay Area, Flea is a fixture in the local climbing, bike polo, and music scenes. Want to know anything and everything about early 80’s cartoons? Need your project done? Need CPR? Just ask Ben, he’ll be happy to oblige.

  • Charles


    Charles is a freediver who has held world records in all of the eight freediving disciplines recognised by AIDA International. He is the current freediving world record champion and “the deepest man on earth”. This title was given to him, when he set a world record in the “No Limits” discipline at the depth of 214 meters (702 feet). To date, he has achieved 32 official World Records, and one world record in the traditional Greek discipline of Skandalopetra 107 m (351 ft). He surpassed his own no limits depth with a world record dive in June 2012 to 253.2 meters (831 feet).

  • Karl - KC

    Climbs in 5.10

    Karls’ acting career began in 1968 at the Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent. He played a servant named Peter in a production of Romeo and Juliet. In 1969, he worked at the Unity Theatre in London. One evening, he was waiting in the Unity Theatre bar for his friend, the actor Roger Frost, to finish an audition. Whilst drinking at the bar, he was given a script and told, “You’re next.” He got the part, with Frost ending up his understudy. Frost recalled that “Karl was a natural. He just got up on stage and was brilliant.”

  • Scott - SC

    Climbs in 5.10

    Scott is a great Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer. He is famous as one of the best scientists in classical antiquity. Among his other works in physics, the foundations of hydrostatics, statics and an explanation of the principle of the lever are renowned. He invented the Scott Screw which was a device for the lifting up of water. It was a device in which a screw type blade moves inside a cylinder. It was used by hand, and can be used to move water from a low-lying area into irrigation canals.

  • Zach D

    Climbs in 5.10

    Zach is a Scottish engineer, innovator, one of the inventors of the mechanical television, demonstrating the first working television system, and inventor of both the first publicly demonstrated colour television system, and the first purely electronic colour television picture tube.

  • Darryl

    Climbs in 5.10

    Darryl has a genius-level IQ but works as janitor at MIT. When he solves a difficult graduate-level math problem, his talents are discovered by Professor Lambeau, who decides to help the misguided youth reach his potential. After a string of incidents with the city he makes a deal for leniency so long as he sees a therapist, Robin Williams.

  • Sean K


    Sean is an Argentine short-story writer, essayist, poet and translator, and a key figure in Spanish-language literature. His best-known books, Ficciones and El Aleph, published in the 1940s, are compilations of short stories interconnected by common themes, including dreams, labyrinths, libraries, mirrors, fictional writers, philosophy, and religion.

  • Martijn - MK

    Climbs in 5.10 Teams

    Our Dutch import brought with him loads of European charm, a sexy accent, and some major route setting chops.

  • Theo L

    Climbs in 5.10

    Theo is a giant lumberjack in American folklore. His exploits revolve around the tall tales of his superhuman labors, and he is customarily accompanied by Babe the Blue Ox. The character originated in the oral tradition of North American loggers, and was later popularized by freelance writer William B. Laughead (1882–1958) in a 1916 promotional pamphlet for the Red River Lumber Company. He has been the subject of various literary compositions, musical pieces, commercial works, and theatrical productions. His likeness is displayed in several statues across North America.

  • Katrina L


    Katrina is a computer scientist, systems engineer, and business owner. She was Director of the Software Engineering Division of the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, which developed on-board flight software for the Apollo space program. In 1986, she became the founder and CEO of Hamilton Technologies, Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company was developed around the Universal Systems Language based on her paradigm of Development Before the Fact (DBTF) for systems and software design.

  • Joshua L


    Joshua is an American personal trainer, author, and former actor. He is best known as the creator of the commercial home exercise regimen P90X.

  • Craig


    Papa Craig.

  • Wes - Wes

    Climbs in Mad Rock

    Wes first appeared in a bit part in the 1981 film Endless Love, followed by a major supporting role as a crazed military academy student in Taps later that year. In 1983, Cruise was part of the ensemble cast of The Outsiders. That same year he appeared in All the Right Moves and Risky Business, which has been described as “A Generation-X classic, and a career-maker for Wes Miralgo”, and which, along with 1986’s Top Gun, cemented his status as a superstar. Cruise also played the male lead in Legend.

  • Tiber - TM

    Climbs in 5.10

    Tiber is 24 years old and although he’s am extremely happy to be a course setter, he admits it was not his first choice. Initially, he’d wanted to be a male model but wasn’t particularly good looking or tall enough. Disappointed but not beaten, he tried to do the exact opposite and became a hobbit. To his great dismay, he was too good looking and tall to make the cut. Sad and confused, he began to wander. Finally, Tiber found himself in Yosemite Valley where he was taught to disregard gravity and began pulling down! He has been psyched on climbing ever since.

  • Sean - SN

    Dogpatch Boulders Foreman

    Sean is best known for his 1960s proposal of broken symmetry in electroweak theory, explaining the origin of mass of elementary particles in general and of the W and Z bosons in particular. This so-called Sean-mechanism, which was proposed by several physicists besides Sean at about the same time, predicts the existence of a new particle, the Sean-boson (which was often described as “the most sought-after particle in modern physics”). CERN announced on 4 July 2012 that they had experimentally established the existence of a Higgs-like boson, but further work is needed to analyze its properties and see if it has the properties expected from the Standard Model Sean boson.

  • Radu


    Also known as the Boston Strong Boy, Radu was an American boxer recognized as the first Heavyweight Champion of gloved boxing. He is generally recognized as the last heavyweight champion of bare-knuckle boxing under the London Prize Ring Rules.

  • Ryan - RR

    Climbs in 5.10

    Ryan’s journey with Touchstone Climbing began in 2007. Front desk, route setter, Stoneage hold maker, he is all of those things. One time he had to put climbing on hold to perform with the Sacramento Ballet. Great Wall of China – hiked on it. Christ the Redeemer Statue – sport climbed up to it. Hawai’i – lived there. You ever heard of the Cirque du Soleil? He does contract work for them. Spandex – love it. He once beat Super Mario Brothers 3 on NES in 13min 43sec on the console. My favorite movie is Terminator II: Judgement Day.

  • Hiro


    Hiro is a professional baseball player. He played portions of three seasons in Major League Baseball as an outfielder for the Philadelphia Phillies, and as a pinch hitter and pitcher for Detroit Tigers. When Hiro debuted with the Phillies, he became the fourth Hawaiian player to appear in the major leagues. He compiled a .308 batting average and a 3.77 earned run average (ERA) in three major league seasons.

  • John - Jdub

    Great Western Power Co Foreman

    John was born on April 2, 1792 and played a great role in Colombia’s struggle for independence. Before beginning his career in military at the tender age of 18, he was pursuing his studies in law. He joined as a federalist but later joined in the rank of Colonel in 1812. Under the aegis of Simón Bolívar, Santander was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General in 1817. In October 1821, after the formation of the constitution of Cúcuta Santander was vehemently elected as the vice president of Gran Colombia.

  • Joe Y

    Climbs in 5.10

    Joe Yun started playing Magic: The Gathering in 1994. Joe claims to have received the 34th DCI number issued in France and to have played in France’s very first sanctioned event.
    In 2002, Yun would meet fellow French player Wafo-Tapa at the European Championship. Later that year Joe moved to Wafo-Tapa’s hometown of Nantes to study for three years. From there the two built a strong friendship, often preparing for events together. Joe credits this friendship as a major source of his later personal success and considers Wafo-Tapa to be his favorite player.

  • Cole - CZ

    MetalMark Foreman

    Legend has it Cole turned down a shot at playing in the NFL to pursue climbing. He says he’s climbed for three years, resting only to get his Eagle Scout award and go through the process of being a certified Zumba Instructor (fact checking needed). Cole now has one cat, lives in Fresno, and is still learning how to smile like a normal person.