What is the Touchstone Climbing Series?

The Touchstone Climbing Series is our way of giving back to our members and inviting the rest of the climbing community to join the fun! Each Touchstone gym hosts its own competition for both members and non-members alike to test their mettle against world-class setting and crush some pizza and beer while they’re at it.

More than anything, TCS is a party! It’s a chance to hang out with your gym fam with free food and drinks and climb on the freshest sets, courtesy of our incredible routesetting team. The “comp” itself is a self-scored, low-key, fun-filled climbing bonanza for climbers of ALL LEVELS.

TCS events are always FREE for members and currently $30 for guests.


TCS comps are broken down into the following categories:

Beginner Intermediate Advanced
V0-V2 V3-V5 V6+
5.8-5.10d 5.11a-5.11d 5.12a+


When you arrive and register, you will get a scorecard—keep this!

TCS comps are self-scored. After you complete a problem/route, find it on your score card and circle the points associated with how many attempts it took you to complete it. 1 try? 2 tries? 3 tries? You get the idea. Have your spotter/belayer or someone who saw you complete the climb initial each score.

At the end of the day, turn in your scorecard and the staff will add up your highest scores (top 5 for bouldering, top 3 for ropes). Easy. Plus, turning in your scorecard automatically enters you into our raffle. Once you’re done climbing just kick back, relax, and wait for the rain of prizes!


Did we mention prizes already? Stick around at the end of each TCS comp for a raffle stuffed with super sweet goodies from your favorite climbing companies! Remember, your scorecard is your raffle ticket—once you turn it in you are automatically given a chance to win.


Psyched yet? Then be sure to register! Just follow these steps and you’ll be good to go:

  • Fill out an online waiver.  Everyone entering the gym will need a current waiver on file.
  • Get your comp code. Your comp code is yours for life. If you have competed in a Touchstone Climbing competition in the past, you already have a comp code. You can look it up here. If you have never competed – welcome! Registration is fast and free.
  • If the above comp code links aren’t working for you, registration hasn’t opened yet—check back closer to the date of the comp.

I think I’m ready for the big leagues! Does Touchstone Climbing offer any Open style competitions?

We sure do! Check out the Battle of Bay, which we host in the fall, and Woman Up, which we host in the summer! These are Bouldering Open Competitions with a qualifying round, finals round, and a cash purse.

Still have a million questions? 

Email [email protected]. You’ll probably got the answer you’re looking for!