10 Little Monkeys at Berkeley Ironworks

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“Since the climbing community has given so much to me, I knew I couldn’t leave for college next year without giving something back,” said Sera Busse. “I want to make sure that this sport keeps growing, and I want to make sure that everyone can have the same amazing opportunities that I did.” Busse developed a young climbers program with support from Berkeley Ironworks and two other youth team members.

Kids Climbing in Berkeley “Now every month, the kids that sign up for my courses are given free day passes and gear, and Nathan, Dewi and I provide a free and fun introduction to rock climbing,” said Busse.  The class teaches the climbers how to tie in, how to belay if they’re old enough and the group practices climbing games as well.

“The second the kids walk into the gym I see their heads shoot up in awe at the height of the walls, and they all start dancing around while they’re waiting for their gear because they’re so anxious to try.”

Nearly 40 children from all over the Bay area have participated in the program.  Most of the parents heard about the program through word of mouth but Busse hopes to expand it. “I am setting up appointment times with schools so I can speak to some PE classes about them as well.”

“It’s been wonderful to be able to support this program and Sera,” said Berkeley Ironworks manager Lyn Barazza. “Watching Sera grow up at the gym is one thing, but being able to help her pass her passion on to others is so great!”