Pasadena Update: Introducing The Post Climbing!

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It’s been a while friends, but trust us, the wait will be worth it! We’re excited to share some Pasadena progress pics with you here…but first, let’s get you acquainted with this gym’s new identity.

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Introducing: The Post Climbing

The Post pays homage to the original building’s function as a post office; it may no longer have anything to do with mail, but there will still be plenty of “sending” happening here. (Yep, we beat you to it. And no, we’re not sorry.)

Now that we have our building permit, we’ve been hard at work on construction. We’re wrapping up wall design, too, and you can bet we’ll be sharing those renderings with you all once they’re finalized.

We know you have been eagerly following The Post’s progress for a while, but remember that this is a pretty involved project—not only are we raising the roof of an existing building AND building a brand new structure, but THAT structure needs to be excavated down by 10 ft. That’s quite a lot to do, but we’re proud of the design and can’t wait to share it with Pasadena.

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And just to remind you of what The Post will be:

  • 25,000 total sq. ft.
  • Ropes and bouldering
  • 8000+ sq. ft. bouldering terrain
  • 20,000+ sq. ft roped climbing terrain

Imagine all the cool routes, problems, and training we’ll have in that square footage! We can hardly wait.

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