Torrance, Here We Come: Announcing Class 5

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We are proud to announce that our third Southern California roped gym is coming to Torrance: SoCal peeps, get stoked for Class 5!

Class 5 is named after the Yosemite Decimal System as well as a previous facility; we’re excited to breathe new life into one of our classic gyms. It will be 40,000 sq. ft., making it our largest SoCal gym yet!

We will be partnering with Walltopia to bring you incredible bouldering terrain and over 40ft. tall rope climbing walls. And of course, Class 5 will also have all the fitness amenities you’ve come to expect from a Touchstone gym.

Similar to Pasadena, we will be raising the roof on an existing building. That makes for a more complicated and potentially slower build-out, but we promise the wait will be worth it.

Ready for more details? Us too! We don’t have a lot more information just yet, but we wanted to share the psych and let you know that more great climbing is coming your way.