Adaptive Sports at MetalMark

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1779152_731985173517611_6633401495521329959_nLast Sunday, the Children’s Hospital Adaptive Sports Program stopped by MetalMark Climbing. The climbing at the Fresno gym is an integral part of the program, which provides recreational and athletic experiences for those with disabilities.

Based out of the Central Valley, the program takes disabled people of all ages and health impairments and encourages them to take part in athletic activities and exceed expectations. “Some of these kids were double amputees, paraplegics or used walkers to get around. They were so motivated and determined to climb to the top,” said MetalMark Climbing manager Marie Garringer.

One mom was in tears as her daughter, who has one amputated leg, climbed to the top of the wall. “You can just see it in the parents and kids faces how the feel when they get to the top,” said Garringer.

The 16 kids in the group have physical and health impairments ranging from cerebral palsy to spinal cord injuries. Through hard work and determination, they learn that they are able to have athletic lives.

“What is so inspiring is to see these kids who are considered “disabled” able to do and complete stuff and prove to people that they can do anything the set their minds to. These kids are so thankful to have the opportunity to do some climbing,” said Garringer.

“There was a girl who was a paraplegic who climbed to the top of a 5.6 and was just couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day,” said Garringer. The Adaptive Sports team stops by MetalMark a few times a year to inspire the staff at MetalMark and to make strides in their lives.