American Ninja Warrior Training at DRG

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American Ninja Warrior, the popular TV show, has shown that climbers have got what it takes to make it to Mt Moriyama. With their grip strength, core, and body tension – climbers have dominated in this fast paced competition. Did you know that one of the warriors this season trained at Diablo Rock Gym in Concord? Alan Connealy has competed in seasons 3, 4, 5 and 6 of American Ninja Warrior. In season 3, he made it to the boot camp version of the show and in season 4 and 6, he qualified for and competed in Las Vegas.


Alan had this to say about his experience at DRG: “As a competitor on ANW the last 4 seasons, I have experimented with many things to help with my training, I even built my own parkour gym. A big piece to my training is grip strength. Climbing at Diablo Rock Gym was awesome for grip training! I felt like every time I make it to the gym, a new challenge awaited me. The campus board was awesome for grip training, and the slack line was perfect for balance work.”

If you’re an ANW junkie, the climbing gym might be just the place to start your training!