Bike Parking at Mission Cliffs

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When the Mission Cliffs was built in 1995, bike parking wasn’t taken into consideration. When we first embarked on the Mission Cliffs Expansion project in 2013, we knew that having amazing climbing terrain, killer classes, and a fantastic fitness area wouldn’t be enough. We had to provide a designated bike parking area for our members and guests to safely park their rides.

We’re happy to announce that after months of working with the city, our plans have been approved! We are excited to be able to move forward with our plans to build the largest outdoor bike barking area in San Francisco! “I’m so excited that we are able to provide our neighborhood with such a large public bike parking area,” said Mission Cliffs manager Donna Hawkins. “It’s great for our members and great for the city’s bike culture.”Our many trips to city hall have paid off,” said facilities manager Russell Olson. “We’re excited to begin work on the outdoor structure.”

The bike parking area will be 108 ft long, and located directly in front of the new entrance to the gym. We owe a huge thank you to our members as we work to build something truly spectacular in San Francisco.

Update: Our bike parking at Mission Cliffs is the biggest public bike parking area in the USA!