Boys and Girls Club visits Diablo Rock Gym

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Kids Climbing at Diablo Rock GymThis week the Boys and Girls Club of the Diablo Valley visited Diablo Rock Gym in Concord as a part of their weekly summer camp. The club is dedicated to ‘engaging children and their communities in productive and responsible interactions.
This translates into improved school attendance, improved grades, and the desire to pursue a post-secondary education.’ “The kids visit the beach or a museum through their week of camp, but their favorite activity every year is climbing at DRG!” said Manager Hans Florine with a smile.

“We try to help these groups out by offering Intro To Climbing Classes to the facilitators sometime before the group arrives,” said Hans “That way the kids can look up to their own counselors and are immediately more comfortable on the walls.” 27 kids a their counselors came to DRG to climb, walk the slack line and boulder. And while they’re having fun and laughing with their friends… you can see their confidence levels growing.  “I can’t believe I actually got UP THERE,” gushed one camper after being lowered down.

Kids Climbing at Diablo Rock Gym“We do our best here at DRG to make climbing accessible to a variety of groups,” said Hans, who was out on the floor belaying kids as he spoke. “We’ve worked with organizations supporting kids faced with obesity, mental illnesses, financial need or other disabilities.  If you know of a program this summer that needs a field trip to a climbing gym… call us!”

Big thanks to the Boy and Girls Club, our staff and our community who are committed to sharing our love of climbing.