Contra Costa Science and Engineering Fair Winners Climb at DRG

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unnamed-4Dear Diablo Rock Gym,

Thank you for your generous gift of gym time and all the gear for the winners of the Contra Costa Science and Engineering Fair. In total we had five students and two parents participate on Sunday, August 28th.

Even though none of the students had ever climbed at a gym before, everyone had a wonderful time. Most of them looked up to the top of the routes as if it was the top of Everest. We stayed for three hours, and by the end of that time everyone was comfortable on the wall and confidence levels were soaring!

Wow, it’s a lot of work to train 9 people. Please pass along my thanks to your staff. They were very helpful in fitting gear, doing the final check out and making everyone feel welcome.

All the best,

Rich Tornai

Diablo Rock Gym is always excited to welcome new climbers and members of the community to our gym! If your non-profit or school group would like to come climbing, contact our manager for details.