East Bay Betas: Ben Young

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 “When can I take the lead test? When can I take the lead test? When can I take the lead test,” asked Ben Young. Everyday for almost a year, East Betas member Ben has bugged the GWPC teen team coaches to let him apply for a lead card. Earlier this month, Ben finally turned 14, the required age to apply for a lead card.


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Ben has been climbing for the past 2 years and with the East Betas for a year and a half. Ben has had solid coaching and has managed to climb up to 5.11+. When he stepped up to take the test on Wednesday, June 26, he was ready.


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“As far as my experience doing lead tests, I haven’t seen one that smooth in a while,” said East Betas coach Ryan Moon. “His climbing and clipping was smooth and took his fall like a champ.”  Young used a Grigri during the belay portion of his test and kept a perfect amount of slack out during the entire climb, providing a gentle catch for the climber.

A gym fixture, “Gentle Ben”spreads his infectious enthusiasm in the gym as much as he can  through his mischievous grin and signature bowl haircut.

Touchstone sponsors a number of youth teams at every gym location.  Enroll your young climber into the program at your local gym.  They will be as psyched as Ben!