Futures Explored at Sacramento Pipeworks

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This month we had another successful session with a group from Futures Explored, whose mission it is to provide life skills and work-related training to adults with developmental disabilities. They support their clients to “reach their optimum level of individual potential by delivering a broad range of resources and ongoing guidance.” Sacramento Pipeworks is proud to be one of those resources and offer a special sense of accomplishment and fun. 

While many of the clients expressed apprehension or fear at the thought of climbing for the first time, they all came to love the experience. Kristen Ruark of Futures Explored said that climbing at Pipeworks has become their client Justin’s favorite outing. She explained,

Justin is blind so he has difficulties participating in some of our more physical activities. He was very apprehensive the first time came and had invited his family along for support. With support from friends and family Justin was able to climb the wall by feeling for the rocks and with verbal prompts. Climbing at Pipeworks created an opportunity for Justin to bond with other clients, gain confidence and participate in our activities independently, which was very liberating for him.”

Thank you Futures Explored for showing us how climbing really is for everyone! We are thrilled and honored to be a part of your curriculum.