Gift Cards at Touchstone Climbing

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Whether you’re hanging stockings above your yule log, flippin’ latkes and lighting your menorah, or dancin’ round your festivus pole, TIS the season.

And while sure, you’ve been dropping subtle hints to your significant other about how much you’d both benefit from a jetboil, the best part of the season is seeing look on someones face when YOU give your gift.

But where to start? The ‘mall’?! Please. It’s not 2001. Amazon Prime? Accessible, sure. But you KNOW it’s just not going to look like it did online. So where is the one place to shop that isn’t out of your way, where you can find a gift that you can be sure your friend, neighbor, mom, landlord… will love?!

Why, your friendly neighborhood Touchstone Climbing gym of course!

We have gift cards! Load em up with however much cash money you’d like, and BAM. Holiday shopping done. Here is a handy list of things the gift-getter could be enjoying come boxing day.


An intro to climbing class for 2! $60 on a gift card means an AWESOME day for 2 people. This will cover their day pass, their rental gear, and an hour of instruction at any of our rope climbing gyms! Adventure made! 

A new pair of climbing shoes! Climbing boots run anywhere from $90 to $160. Any amount of cheddar loaded on to a gift card will go a long way to helping your friend-crusher get the latest and greatest in shoe technology.

Prana, Patagonia, Black Diamond, Mountain Hardwear ootd’s! Sure, they COULD put your generous gift into time with a personal trainer or finally commit to 6am yoga… oooooorrr they could get some sweet threads from their favorite outdoor brand. The choice is theirs.  

Fitness class passes! Do you know your mom has been dabbling in afro-yoga youtube videos, or your brother has been talking about getting back into boxing? Many of our gyms offer a variety of fitness classes. Your gift card can be used for drop in fitness classes for the worthy recipient of your choice.

Aaand.. much much more!

No matter who you’re shopping for or how much gas money you’re willing to part with, a gift card is the perfect choice this gift giving season. It’s convenient, flexible, and creative. Pick up a gift card at your local gym today! If you’re out of the area and would like to order a gift card over the phone, please call the gym of your choice before 3pm. The front desk will be able to assist you.

Happy Holidays from Touchstone Climbing!