LA Boulders Wins Urban Essentials Award

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LA Boulders took home a Rose at the 35th annual Roses & Lemon Awards on April second, an event hosted by the Downtown Breakfast Club. The organization is comprised of several dozen Downtown Business leaders, and the event is meant to honor a host of area projects, restaurants and businesses.

LA Boulders award winning gymThree Roses were given out in the category of Urban Essentials, and LA.B manager Remi Moehring was there to accept the award. “Winning the Rose felt extremely validating,” said Moehring. “Climbing as a sport is growing quickly, but it’s still a subculture, so being recognized as a vital part of the Downtown LA community was a big deal.”

“A big thank-you goes to the Downtown Business leaders who see special something in us,” said Moehring. “The Arts District is filled with well-hidden treasures, and it’s so fun to be a part of such a unique neighborhood.”

We’re so thankful for the LA.B community for allowing us to be such an integral part of their lives. Every day our members bring their friends in to give indoor climbing a try, and it’s because of natural word-of-mouth support that our community continues to grow.

Thank you!