LA Boulders Wall Design

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Touchstone Climbing is excited to be opening the largest bouldering only gym in Los Angeles this year. LA Boudlders, or the LA.B, will be located in down town LA in the Arts District. Our design team has been working closely with Walltopia to create new and exciting climbing terrain for Southern California climbers. “It took a while to finalize the designs,” said Touchstone retial guru and color expert Patti Phillips. “We thought we were close a few times but then ended up scraping it all. But that’s what it takes to make an amazing gym – you have to put in the work to make sure you get it right!”

3133 - C09 FINAL
Here we see variety of t

3133 - C10 FINAL
Below we get a look at the cresting wave wall, along with a huge center feature and the mega arch. 

3133 - C11 FINAL

3133 - C12 FINAL
And now the barrel wall. This 

3133 - C06  FINAL