LA Boys and Girls Club Climb at LA Boulders

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This summer, LA Boulders had the opportunity to introduce a group of teens to their very first climbing experience!
The kids in the group were part of the College Bound program from the Teen Center (ages ranging from 12-15) at the Boys and Girls Club in East Los Angeles. The BGC is a national nonprofit organization that aims to get youth invested in all sorts of activities with the ultimate goal of enabling the youth to reach their full potential. In the summer season, the kids are constantly on college field trips, working on creative art projects, or engaging in sports.
Outreach Groups at LA Boulders
Jen, one of the coordinators for the event, said, “The staff was great at keeping the kids safe and engaged the whole session. All except for one teen had never tried rock climbing; it was an entirely new and different experience for the rest. Many were not even aware of rock climbing’s existence!” She said that this did not stop them from being fully engaged and attempting as many problems as they could. “One kid named Jose kept trying an overhung V2, and his determination and grit motivated a lot of the group  to try it as well. Alyssa, the only girl in the group, impressed her peers with her attempt at a V3 before laying on the mat with sore forearms.”
Stephanie, the Teen Director, said, “everyone was asking to take a nap when they got back (and many of them did).” So did our instructors, Stephanie! “Everyone had loads of fun and they hope to return again soon.”
If you’d like to bring a group to the gym, please reach out to us at [email protected].