Libertas College Preparatory School Reinforces Values at LA Boulders

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LA Boulders OutreachIn December,  LA Boulders hosted a tuition-free public charter serving students in South LA.

Libertas College Preparatory Charter School aims to equip middle school students in grades 4-8 with the academic skills and the strength of character needed to thrive in and graduate from high-performing high schools and competitive colleges. They are founded on the belief that all students, regardless of background or previous academic performance, can develop the foundational skills, content knowledge, and strength of character to build school success and graduate from college.

As a special treat, twenty of the top-performing students got to take a break from their studies and enjoy a day of rock climbing at LA Boulders! As a part of our commitment to our outreach, we are always excited to welcome underserved communities into our gym.

LA Boulders“The purpose of this is twofold.” explained the coordinator. “We want to reward the students for outstanding performance, and also reinforce the school’s values. Focus, integrity, respect, self-determination, and responsibility are all highly-emphasized at Libertas.”

What better way to accomplish all that, than a day of bouldering? Joe Ramirez, the LA Boulders instructor for the day, noticed how calm and determined they all were while maintaining a high level of psych!

“The kids were supportive of each other’s progress on and off the wall,” said Joe. “It was great to see them building relationships around a fun physical activity outside the classroom.”